Deep thoughts from Stephanie 

I have grown a real disgust for Mothers Day. 

I cant even explain why. 

Maybe it feels too forced or fake like Valentines Day? 

Maybe I resent being type-cast?

Maybe I don’t want to recognize people who dont recognize me?

Maybe I just know too much? 

I know all too well what goes on behind closed doors and that some Moms wont get what they deserve and others wont deserve what they get. 

Sometimes I really wish I could indulge in a blissful eternity of ignorance. 

Deep thoughts from Stephanie 

I cant even understand what is happening right now. 

It’s all the things in all the lyrics in all the songs. 

Damn. That’s scary, but what if Im brave? What might I find. What ifs … I don’t know. 

What I DO know is that when you find someone to be irreplaceable the only thing you can do is hang on for as long as you can. 

Nothing else is more appropriate for this autobiography. 

Letters I meant to send

Dear Humans,
Every species gets down same sex, but you are the only ones being manipulated to believe you are entitled to a higher class of human,as if there could possibly be such a thing, because of it, yet you’re supposed to be the most intelligent species.
Stop it. You’re better than that. Rise up to your full potential and then make the only other human you look down upon the human you’re giving a hand up.

Letters I meant to send

Dear Life
If you want me to bow

I will stand up straight

You can kick me down today

But I will stand up tomorrow
If you want me to cry

I will gladly smile

I will laugh every day

Until the day I die
If you want me to hate

I will share the love

Depending on my own free will

And not just fate
If you want me to give up

I will struggle through

Continue fighting my battles

And I will never stop
If you want me to walk away

I will be going nowhere

You can push me over the edge

I will just find another way
If you want to break me

I will stay strong

Because I will be able

To still see the beauty
So, dear Life, can’t you see?

I am still a warrior

And there is no way

You can ever defeat me!
~ Patty Van Delft