The Hazy Cynapsis

img_1904-12I finally figured out exactly who I am in movie/tv character : I am Polly Prince! From ‘Along Came Polly’?

Wait… Im also a little bit of “Baby” in ‘Dirty Dancing’   Ive been looking for my Johnny.

  • I just want someone to love me like Johnny loved June. You know, its not perfect, they both had previous failed marriages but come hell or high water they held on to each other. ❤️

Also, Kate Winslet’s character, Adele, in the movie “Labor Day”, and Clementine in “Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind. 

Frankie of “Grace & Frankie”

Alter egos: “Bernie” in ‘Waiting to Exhale’ and Harley Quinn, of course. 

Bottom line: I have a lot of personality!

Things my kids say:

Jedi:  I want a vape pen so my room smells nice like yours. 

Diva: Her room smells ah-mazing. It smells good because she cares about it and keeps it clean. Im obsessed with your bed, Momma.  Do you know I laid down and fell asleep in Mom’s bed for like an hour and when I woke up my skin was softer. 

Me: How is that even possible?

Diva: I DONT KNOW! But it’s totally true. Your bed is magic. 

The Hazy Cynapsis 

I have grown a real disgust for Mothers Day.
I cant even explain why.

Maybe it feels too forced or fake like Valentines Day?

Maybe I resent being type-cast?

Maybe I don’t want to recognize people who dont recognize me?

Maybe I just know too much?

I know all too well what goes on behind closed doors and that some Moms wont get what they deserve and others wont deserve what they get.

Sometimes I really wish I could indulge in a blissful eternity of ignorance.

The Hazy Cynapsis

I cant even understand what is happening right now. 

It’s all the things in all the lyrics in all the songs. 

Damn. That’s scary, but what if Im brave? What might I find. What ifs … I don’t know. 

What I DO know is that when you find someone to be irreplaceable the only thing you can do is hang on for as long as you can. 

Nothing else is more appropriate for this autobiography.