And I quote …

​”Words are the light I’ll use to light my path. This is no disaster. This is simply a crisis. I will let myself be a child at the beach who digs in the sand and lifts her sieve out in front of her, watching the sand fall away and hoping that treasure will be left.”

~ Glennon Doyle Melton

And I quote …

“I feel nothing but failure. This is the one thing I promised myself I’d get right. I’d let them be kids by protecting their hearts from pain. I’ve failed. 

I watch them and think, ‘We were there. We were inside love, being real, together—and I just pushed us all out, back into our little rooms, back into our own scared, safe, alone selves.’ Double failure.

Their hearts are broken…The ache of the moment becomes too much to bear. I have to get us out of this.”