Maslow’s Hierarchy

Maslow believed that to understand the highest level of need, the person must not only achieve the previous needs, but master them. A person’s motivation to reach his or her full potential. As shown in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a person’s basic needs must be met before self-actualization can be achieved.

So, where am I?

I’m struggling with my basic physiology. I’m literally struggling to breathe and even just rest. It makes me feel the weight of Maslow’s pyramid as if it’s stacked up weight was upon my chest. If I am to start at the bottom and work my way up, I need to strap on my gear first. Hell, I should probably just start at taking stock of what is actually going on.


  • Complete medical tests
  • Food log
  • Water log
  • Activity log
  • Sleep log
  • Mindfulness, emotional
  • Track spending, financial

I’m going to close out this blog and get started. I’m going to spend the next 10-20 minutes, downloading apps that will help specifically address the above needs. It’s actually a resource in the palm of my hands EVERYDAY that I am not realizing the potential of. I need to work smarter AND harder. I’m also going to commit to making daily contact with at least one person who can inspire and/or mentor me in continuing the climb because I know I will lose my footing and need this team to spot me up.

The offspring of riches: Pride, vanity, ostentation, arrogance, tyranny

I’ve become rather taken back with the world within which we live lately…mostly the people in it.

It is very rare that you find anybody who takes a moment to think outside of themselves, much less take accountability for their actions. Oh no, most everyone is certainly willing to take credit when it will serve their purposes, and everybody seems to have this sense of entitlement, the likes of which I’ve never seen, but when it comes to taking accountability it is everybody else…anybody else’s fault but their own.

Without focusing on the specific person or situation that has led me to my current funk…so that I don’t become totally consumed with anger….and because examples of what I am speaking about are so abundantly available in today’s society and I’m pretty sure anyone can grasp the gist of what I’m speaking about in their own lives, maybe by even taking a look in the mirror…I’m just going to move on to where I need to be.

This kind of thing always reminds me of the story in the Bible when the disciples are going to meet Jesus and they start to argue about who amongst them is the greatest.

Can’t you just picture it?

When they finally get to Jesus and he asks them what has happened – they are too embarrassed to tell him. I guess I would be too.

Jesus says to them, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.”

For whatever reason, this story, this verse, has stayed with me since I was a child. It is my eternal compass. I need it now more than ever.

I could do what others have done. I could be selfish. I could have it easy and I might also be as empty. I could look around and ask “Why me?”…”When will the score get evened?”…”Haven’t I sacrificed enough?”…”Shouldn’t I have this/that?”…”Don’t I deserve this/that?”…”I deserve more”…”I deserve better”

But, I think back on this story and I think this was the Son of God, a man of power for all intent and purposes. There was a point when he really could have had everyone bowing down at his feet and eating out of his hands, bringing sacrifices of whatever he wanted, gold, women, bribes…he was a rock star for that era, but, he had no throne. He practiced what he preached, he was a servant of man, a prophet of hope, who died on a cross, with a crown of thorns on his head.

From that prospective, I have everything I need, much to be grateful for and much more to give. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it hundred times more. You might think this is crazy, but I would rather be unemployed, bankrupt and foreclosed on with nothing but my family by my side, knowing that I helping my kids become better people, helping my parents as they get older, helping people in our community, with the schools, at our church, than to be like the self-serving, unconscious people I see roaming around everywhere.

Id rather be full of spirit of helping others, than full of myself.

I just needed to remind myself.

Compass reset and off I go.