Since Mom was in the hospital, we’ve been spending a much greater amount and quality of time together. We’ve both been talking about all these very vivid memories and dreams that keep coming to mind. We have been trying to piece together memories and timelines. This is also coinciding with me decluttering … well, my whole life. Below is an example of one of many astounding connections we have come across. This joint time and effort has provided the greatest insight into who my Mom is and how she arrived at herself in the present, as I’m doing the same work myself. It’s beautiful and I am so grateful for it.

Mom’s Ablation


Mom did great. She was a star patient. She did go into A-Fib during the proceure but that actually helped them pinpoint where her problems are stemming from, so she was actually able to get out of there in 5 hrs vs. 8. She’s been admitted overnight for observation as she has to lay flat for 6hrs, but so far all is well.
My sister and I never did find the relaxing free massages, but we did take an art tour.


I’m in the family waiting room at some pavilion or another at the Cleveland Clinic where I shall be for the next 8 hrs or so while my mother is having, what I believe is called, a cardiac ablation.

It’s kinda creepy here. Everything is white and grey and sterile. I feel like I’m in some futuristic weird realm. I was reading the guests and family information thingy. I guess there is a rooftop pavilion where they offer skyline views of Cleveland and relaxing massages so that we can provide support for the patient. That kinda makes sense. I mean I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to the Children’s hospital with my pickle and wondered why they didn’t offer services like that for the parents.

Honestly, this is all just distraction from the fear of what could happen in the 8 hours that they are piddle-farting around in my mother’s heart. It’s not open heart surgery. In fact it’s what they call “relatively noninvasive”.  But essentially they are in there trying to find misbeats by eletrically mapping her heart and then they start trying to trigger some of the events to stop them. That’s the part that scares me.

But, here I sit with my sister and my father…..waiting.