And I quote …

I literally just got up and left meditation because I read this while mentally prepping and I had to share:

“If we understand the need for mental exercises, then we can be patient to ourselves. Patience leads us away from guilt. We might have done some stupid and shameful things, but we can change that if we just give ourselves time.”

Day Forty-Two: Making Brain Waves-Healing with Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones

This was quite the experience for me. I almost felt outside myself, which I believed I have to much of a monkey brain (swinging from one thought to the next) to achieve, however, this started a lift from my physical being.
Im committing to trying the final chakra balancing with binaural beats again and again.

With Love,

90 Days to Spiritual Enlightenment

Molecular Thoughts

Having perused the internet for videos that assist with meditation

a common thread in my searches was the tagline-“with binaural

beats and isochronic tones.” I have to admit; the images that were

attached to these videos were a bit intimidating. As I was already

vulnerable I was doing my best to remain as grounded as possible.

Fearful of the unknown I stuck to the meditations I knew and

loved-the ones with ethereal music; dream locations that were

lovingly described by a calming voice-the ones you see daily on

this blog in fact.

The theory behind binaural beats is neither religious or terrifying.

They must be experienced with headphones and each ear experiences

a different frequency of auditory sound-the middle section of

your brain then creates a beat (a phantom beat) to make up for

the difference in frequency from ear to ear.

Binaural beats are experienced by people for many…

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