if-you-cannot-love-her-stormy-weather-she-isnt-the-woman-for-you .

Men are analyzers.
When we’re not feeling our best or something isn’t working, we try to figure out what’s wrong. We think the situation through. We calm ourselves down and look at problems systematically. We look for root causes or missing parts or broken pieces. Then, after identifying the cause of the issue, we usually come up with some sort of solution.
We decide, after thinking on it for a day or so, that we need a new fan belt, more vitamin C, or some vodka and a 50 dollar bet on the number six horse. We apply the solution and, before we know it, the car is running great, our sinuses have cleared up, and we’ve blown off the steam we needed to blow off. Problem fixed—except for the hangover.
Issues start when we try to approach our relationship problems in the same way, when we try to project our way of doing things onto the women in our lives.
It might look a little like this:


We come home after work or go to her place after school. The moment we walk through the door, we notice her foul mood. Frustration is built up in her furrowed brow. She is a storm cloud ready to crack. Even the room seems to have darkened with her anger. Her wrathful silence is so foreboding that we find it repulsive. A primal part of us might even be a little afraid at these powerful and dark emotions.

“What’s her problem?” is the first question that pops into our heads.

We immediately go into problem-solving mode. We assume there is a specific cause. We assume there is a singular issue that can be addressed that will fix the situation. We rack our brains, but can’t think of anything. Did we forget a birthday? Forget to call? Not notice a new haircut? We can’t figure it out, but no matter how much we ask her what’s the matter, she constantly tells us it’s nothing.

Why does she have to be so complicated?

We sit with her in silence. Maybe make a few more attempts to find out what the problem is. Maybe she lashes out at us because we keep asking, and we don’t really know what’s going on. Maybe we make the terribly silly mistake of telling her to calm down. Eventually we walk out, telling her we’ll come back when she figures out what her issue is and can talk it out like an adult.

At this point, we’ve not only failed our woman, we’ve failed ourselves.

We’ve wrongly assumed her situation is the same as a bike with a broken chain. We’ve wrongly assumed it’s as simple as finding the right piece we need to fix it. We’ve wrongly assumed, like all the other problems in our lives, that it’s our time to take control of the situation.

Like a ship’s captain that finds his vessel has strayed off course, we attempt to change her direction. We’ve tried to steer her, but our woman is not a ship. We are not her captain. She’s the ocean that we’re sailing in—vast and mighty. If we try to wrestle her immense waves we will lose every time. We will drown. She might not even know she’s doing it, but she will swallow us.

Our job is not to be the captain, or even the ship. Our job is to be the rock standing strong on the shores of the ocean that we love. Our only job is to be there, and to be there for no reason other than our love for her waters.
Like any other body of water, there will be days when she crashes against us. Wave after wave, it might feel like the ocean will never again be calm. When her tide is high we may feel like we’re about to drown. Sometimes she hits us so hard we think we might crack. But if we remain full and abundant in our love for her, and constantly present in our masculinity, it will pass.
Her waters will quiet. She will once again lovingly caress us, her waves gently lapping at our ankles. She will completely open her heart in response to our stubborn love. She will trust in our strength, and feel safe in showing us the depths of her dark and healing waters. She’ll let us dive into her completely and we will taste her salty kiss. She’ll show us just how much we have to learn from the mysterious gifts she has to give us.
Until, of course, another storm brews on the horizon. But, our job as the rock never ends.

So if you cannot love her stormy weather as much as you love her sunrise , she isn’t the woman for you. If you cannot find humour in the situation and her need to close up, lash out, or walk away, you’re not the man for her.

If when her waters get rough you cannot give your unconditional love to her, you’re treading in an ocean too deep and powerful for your swimming abilities. It is better for you both if you find a smaller pool to dip your timid feet in, and for her to find a man willing to embrace her inherently wild and endlessly passionate nature.
Author: Michael Giorgi 

The Mystery 

Having met you later in life,there are no memories of

young romantic love,

high school roller skating parties,

college weekdays longing for your touch.
No memories of experiencing together

life’s first tastes of freedom

or the innocence of believing that

we had all the time in the world.
I never knew your young body nor you mine;

those days when I looked radiant in the morning.
When life finally brought us together

We stood before each other

In the stark reality of all we had become.

Too mature to hide

Yet secretly wondering

If the other would stay

And if love was worth the trouble

After all this time.
Piece by piece

We removed the layers of life

Shedding off what no longer served us

Until we discovered a place deep inside,

Beyond judgment, expectation,

Or what anyone else thought
Where we found only pure light.
Smiling, we instinctively knew

We had everything we needed

For the rest of the journey.

With you by my side

I can see the light in your eyes

Reminding me

Of who we really are.
Forgiveness has never been so easy

And love so real.
Having met you later in life,

The knowledge that our time here is limited

Grows stronger with each passing moment.
Instead of running,

I pause and breathe.

Hold your gaze.

Feel your energy.

And open my heart to the mystery of life. 

Author: Christy Sperrazza

Letters I meant to send

Dear Bean, 
I never had the chance to be your first. I know there are experiences and years you wished we had spent together. I never was able to be your first kiss, your first love, or even the first time you felt the shape of a woman beneath you—but none of that matters to me.

I don’t care about any first that came before me—all I care about is being your last.

Perhaps we need the sweetness of firsts in order to learn how forever truly tastes. Nothing that came before this moment matters to me, it doesn’t matter how deeply you loved, how broken you were, what mistakes were made, or even how many women you’ve shared your bed with.
All that matters to me is that I get to contend to be all of your lasts.
I want to be the last woman that you give your heart to.

Your heart is so large and complex, so while I know that it’s not only my name that is written in yours, I also know that no one has the place there that I do, and so I want to say that I hope no other name is ever written after mine. I want to fill and inspire your heart, I want to be a home for you; a place of peace within this crazy world of bubbling chaos and along the way. I hope that you realize you’ll never love another like you love me.

We can say with a skeptical heart that we don’t know what the future may hold so it may be futile to promise forever, yet it seems that the only certainty that I know in this life is that I will continue to love you through the phases of the moon and the rise of the sun.
I know that you have loved before, that you have given your heart away and hoped for the best—but that it never worked out the way that you had wanted it to, even if it all happened exactly as it was meant to.

It’s difficult sometimes to trust, to believe when life has shown you it’s futile, but I want you to know that your heart is safe with me.
And that whether I’m talking about tomorrow, or forever, the one thing that I am certain of is that I will continue to love you through the movement of time because I want you to be the last man that I ever give my heart to.
I want to be the last woman who promises you forever.
It doesn’t matter how many times we have tasted the illusion of forever on our optimistic lips, it doesn’t matter how many times we’ve been hurt or even how often we’ve disappointed others. The thing with time is that each day becomes a stepping stone, a necessary lesson in order to prepare for a future that we can’t even imagine. You are better than anything I could have dreamed.

I don’t want to be one of many; one more woman that disappoints you or falls shorts from the touch of reality because I don’t ever want to see you hurt. I don’t want to blend in with the maybes or the necessaries—I want to stick out as the only. The only one whose taste matched her promises, and who stood by you through the inconceivability of faith manifested.
I want to be your last forever.The woman who may not have been everything you had expected in this life, but the one you know holds everything you need.

I can’t say that there was a time when I always believed in forever, I had doubted its existence, yet somehow, my love for you has shown me that sometimes there’s a plan greater than any we can imagine. We know that others came before both you and me, and while perhaps it was different for both of us none of that makes a difference now. 

Passion and love sometimes seem to be long lost friends, and so I know that there is uniqueness to our connection that can never be duplicated. Perhaps there were a few, or maybe even a hundred before me but none of that matters as long as I am one hundred and one.  I wish to be the last woman who bares her body and soul to you, moving my skin against your body as my soft tendrils of hair falls against your strong chest. Feeling the way your skin moves and tightens as I run my fingertips over your shoulders trying to read the stories of your past.
And the way that when we come together, I sometimes feel tears come to my eyes because I have never felt that connected to anyone else, and in that moment, I know that never again will anyone else touch where you have breathed, no one else will love me like you do.

Sometimes there are moments of indecision, and others the truth burns with a crystal clear reality, and we just know. I can’t predict the future, I don’t know what tomorrow holds but the only thing that I do is that I love you now and I will love you tomorrow too. You are the one that I never saw coming through the darkness of a thousand stars. I never knew what it would feel like when I stumbled upon home in a soul, I never knew what it would feel like to love you.
So while the future lay unopened and ripe just waiting for us, the one thing I want to know is that if you are my ending—if you are not only my greatest love, but also my last.

Love Always, Stephanie ❤️

Collateral Beauty

10 years ago today, my husband Chris and I, stood before a judge and were granted a divorce. I stood like a strong tower before him, but in the darkness of a parking deck, I collapsed into a fit of sobs in my best friend’s arms and cried out to anyone listening: “Why?”

After adopting his son, bringing our love to life in two children and staring down my husband’s demons, this finality was incomprehensible. 

Everything that happened after that was a nightmare my children and I stumbled through with faith and the support, love and prayers of our friends and family. There was A LOT of friction and unimaginable amounts of pain. 

The players changed through the years but the game of broken promises and relationships remained the same. Every fall, in October, around our anniversary, I lost myself, my faith … my mind. 

Last year as it happened I found myself at rock bottom, right back where I had started and dug deeper than I ever had before into myself, literally. The recovery from that place brought about acceptance and forgiveness of any and everything that was ever formed against me. 

I found my way to an open and affirming tribe. 

I found myself. 

This past October, Chris would also find his rock bottom, the inevitable destination at the end of a very long road of self-destruction. When I received word, I fell on my face and made a fervent plea: PLEASE TAKE CHRIS HOME, let him find a peace that passes all understanding and finally remember himself. 

Less than a month later, a familiar voice found me by phone, followed closely by tears, words left unsaid and an absolution I thought would never come. 

In December we experienced, what our children proclaimed, a Christmas miracle, together. 

Soberity. Solace. Solidarity. 

I watched my children’s resilience shine. I marveled at the blessings of collateral BEAUTY. 

Despite everything, in spite of the odds, come what may, we are all going FORWARD, TOGETHER, to try and take what was lost and broke and make it right and something BRUTIFUL. 

Note to Self:

I know this truth will feel like a knife in your heart—but, my dear sweet woman, if he wanted to be with you, he would be.
If this man who you’ve given so much of your heart to was able to understand even one iota of what your love truly means, then he never would have turned his back on the magnificent woman you are.
Love is rarely mutual, which is why when it is, magic explodes in the brilliance of stardust.
I know it seems like perhaps it’s just bad timing—that maybe he isn’t ready for you, or even that he’s not sure he deserves you—but none of that is the point.
The only thing that matters is that if he wanted to be with you—he would be.
For when a man falls in love with a woman, nothing can stand in the way. Not life, obstacles or even one’s ideas of readiness or worthiness.
Because as much as we’d like to think otherwise, there is no real reason that he’s not beside you this evening, other than the fact that he’d rather be somewhere else.
There’s no greater pain than loving someone and having them not choose you, but the sad truth is that it’s not your fault. However, that doesn’t make it his fault either. Sometimes love just doesn’t work out the way we want it to.
Sometimes it’s just not right—and unfortunately, sometimes it is right, but we choose to walk away anyway.
I wish I could tell you that there will be someone else out there who sees everything that the other man didn’t—and when he kisses you, you’ll understand why it didn’t work out with the man who stole your heart.
However, the reality is—I can’t.
See, there are lessons in love, and sometimes we come face to face with the kind of love we have only ever dreamed of—yet that doesn’t mean it will always have a happy ending.
Sometimes, in this life, we only find something once. We can say that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and that there are a number of people who can come together and be happy, and perhaps that is often true—but as you know, so much more exists to love than just happiness.
Yet, even that knowledge doesn’t make it any better—the only choice you have to make is whether you’re going to keep making excuses for a man who can’t decide if he wants you, or if you are going to choose joy instead.
Will you let go of someone who’s never been able to commit to you, and instead, make room for someone who will?
Someday, a man will come into your life, and he will simply show up for you. He will be present, he will be sure, and even if the fires don’t burn quite as passionately, he will stay where others only left.
I know that you love this man who won’t choose you, and I know that there is pain in your heart, because out of everything in this world, all you really want is for him to be there with you—but, my lovely woman, he isn’t.
Any man who really wanted to be with you wouldn’t be this conflicted about it. Maybe there would be things to figure out, or situations to discuss, but that would be something to figure out together.
Maybe it just wasn’t love for him—-or sadly, maybe it was, but he just couldn’t accept it.
We never know what each new day might bring, and while it’s tempting to just sit and wait for the perfect time—hoping that this love that feels so right might eventually come to fruition—sometimes it’s just time wasted.
We each take our own journey in this life, and sometimes these men we love truly do have to lose it all before they realize what they had—or could have had. Sometimes we need to figure things out and grow, but you must realize that if he really wanted to be with you—he would be.
All the reasons he believes about why it wouldn’t work, or why it’s foolish, would suddenly seem inconsequential in comparison to the way your eyes make his heart flutter. The obstacles and difficulties would melt in the heat you both create between you—quite simply, nothing else would matter.
And so, sometimes the only choice we have is to simply love them from afar and welcome new possibilities into our hearts, because waiting can only be done for so long before it is truly done in vain.
No one doubts your love for him, but how long do you want to love a man who refuses to love you in return?
How long will you tell yourself that perhaps tomorrow is the day he’ll decide he can’t live without you?
As difficult as it is to accept, the only reason you’re not with him right now is because he doesn’t want to be there with you. Life is pulling him in another direction—or maybe, it’s just that he’s chosen to walk down a different path. After all, that’s the thing about love—we always have a choice.
And though we may wish he’d made a different one, the reality is—he didn’t.
As much as you may love him, the reality is that if he really wanted to be with you—he would be.

For Women Who Are Difficult to Love

you are a horse running alone and he tries to tame you

compares you to an impossible highway

to a burning house

says you are blinding him

that he could never leave you

forget you

want anything but you

you dizzy him, you are unbearable

every woman before or after you

is doused in your name

you fill his mouth

his teeth ache with memory of taste

his body just a long shadow seeking yours

but you are always too intense

frightening in the way you want him

unashamed and sacrificial

he tells you that no man can live up to the one who

lives in your head

and you tried to change didn’t you?

closed your mouth more

tried to be softer


less volatile, less awake

but even when sleeping you could feel

him travelling away from you in his dreams

so what did you want to do, love

split his head open?

you can’t make homes out of human beings

someone should have already told you that

and if he wants to leave

then let him leave

you are terrifying

and strange and beautiful

something not everyone knows how to love.

– Warsan Shire

Understand me: I do not think all Trump supporters are bigots. I do not believe all Democrats hate Republicans and vice versa. I do not think pro-choice= pro-abortion, nor does anti-abortion= pro-life. You don’t have to be a Republican because you’re a Christian, you are not a terrorist because you are Muslim. You are not a lazy, socialist because you are stuck in poverty, suffer from a disability or even addiction. You did not make a choice to be black or gay. 

A lot of hate has been unleashed. We need to be smart and peaceful in our response and #solidarity #gohigh #safetypin #imwithyou #holdtheline