And I quote …

​We are exactly the same. We are individual pieces of a scattered puzzle and we are just a little lost down here. We are all desperate for reunion and we are trying to find it in all the wrong places. We use bodies and drugs and food to try to end our loneliness, because we don’t understand that we’re lonely down here because we are supposed to be lonely. Because we’re in pieces. To be human is to be incomplete and constantly yearning for reunion. Some reunions just require a long, kind patience.

The Hazy Cynapsis

img_1904-12I finally figured out exactly who I am in movie/tv character : I am Polly Prince! From ‘Along Came Polly’?

Im also a little bit of “Baby” in ‘Dirty Dancing’   Ive been looking for my Johnny.

  • I just want someone to love me like Johnny Cash loved June Carter. You know, its not perfect, they both had previous failed marriages but come hell or high water they held on to each other. ❤️

Also, Kate Winslet’s character, Adele, in the movie “Labor Day”, and Clementine in “Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind. 

Frankie of “Grace & Frankie”

Alter egos: “Bernie” in ‘Waiting to Exhale’ and Harley Quinn, of course. Jemma from Sona of Anarchy is growing stronger with each ride bitch on the bike. 

Bottom line: I have a lot of personalities!

All at once

I have not yet continued my last post because I, intially, needed a distraction from that hurtful ridiculousness and then all the things began happening all at once again.

I was gifted a pass to Cleveland’s LaureLive weekend musical festival from a dear friend through a local radio station.

About midway through Saturday I started losing feeling in my right thumb. Sunday morning it had spread across the palm and at one point Sunday evening I couldnt feel my pinky or any finger tips. When my entire ride side starting to lock up, I called into my doctor’s office and was reffered to the ER to rule out a stroke.

I was discharged with instructions to follow up with my neurologist for a repeat MRI, since it has been a few years, to rule MS, again. All week the numbness has spread. It’s now in my forearm and elbow, shoulder and shoulder blade. Bizarre!
If that wasnt enough, my littlest furbaby, PNut,  started really struggling to breathe today. 

He was so lathatrgic and just all around … well, pathetic it broke my heart. We’ve been making inappropriate jokes about him “low-key dying” for about two months now, due to his slowing down and hacking cough but I couldnt have imagined that when I walked into the vet’s office today, I would be hearing a “congestive heart failure” diagnosis. Although, I wasnt surprised to hear his heart is enlarged (the pup has a BIG heart!)


The prognosis is not good, but we will try a routine of cardiac medications over the next week and make the hardest decision from there.

Is it just me or does it seem like either everything happens all at once or there’s nothing going on at all?

Letters I meant to send:

mark-zuckerberg-facebook-liveDear Mr. Zuckerberg,

I humbly submit the following as my dissertation on facebook:


Many, many moons ago, in the age of MySpace, we were able to arrange and re-arrange “The Elite 8”. I bump up or down this lineup was watched and commentated on throughout pop culture. It was a “thing”. As we moved from High School MySpace to the thing all the college kids were doing on the facebook campus. We start friending everyone when we first got there as freshmen. We friended people we met through a friend of a friend at the bar even as sophomores. We started to realize that the more “friends” we added, the more platforms and pedestals we provided. It wasn’t until we were upper class-man that we started to add our family. In giving everyone a platform, we got to see the deepest and also, unfortunately, the darkest parts of their hearts. It hasn’t always been pretty, but the grotesque should not make us look away. We must brave on and look at the carnage the generations before us left behind. Never before had it been put on such vast display, not only for everyone to see, but to others to comment. This gave us the deepest look into the mind of human kind and, man …spoiler alert:… WE’RE FUCKED UP! BUT, the most brutiful part is that in friending our family members, we found our tribe. The people who communicate love in our language. Our tribe can consist of whoever the hell we want. We can still be family, without being friends and we can be friends who become family. That’s our tribe and we get to connect to it, wherever in the world we may be, whenever our tribe is needed.

Thank you, for the wake up call, Mr. Zuckerberg. From this point forward, l shall be using facebook for this purpose alone. #dailywakeupcallfromsteph


I hereby request to be permitted to graduate and henceforth be known as:

Dr. Stephanie Quinzel




Mark M. Zuckerberg, Fouder, facebook

Sunday’s Song

I need new friends. That’s the new mission.

I need friends who aren’t passively waiting for life to find them, but making their own experiences and enjoying every moment as it comes. FULLY.

I dared greatly to embrace this notion last night and it was hand’s down one of my favorite nights of my entire life. Nothing fancy, just being myself, full on, with no inhibitions.

I liked it. I’m going to do more of this living stuff.

I don’t know how much time I have left, but I do know I’m going to make the most of it.

Letters I meant to send

Dear Life
If you want me to bow

I will stand up straight

You can kick me down today

But I will stand up tomorrow
If you want me to cry

I will gladly smile

I will laugh every day

Until the day I die
If you want me to hate

I will share the love

Depending on my own free will

And not just fate
If you want me to give up

I will struggle through

Continue fighting my battles

And I will never stop
If you want me to walk away

I will be going nowhere

You can push me over the edge

I will just find another way
If you want to break me

I will stay strong

Because I will be able

To still see the beauty
So, dear Life, can’t you see?

I am still a warrior

And there is no way

You can ever defeat me!
~ Patty Van Delft


I heard someone say, “Somedays you eat salad and exercise, somedays you order pizza and binge on Netflix, its all about balance.”

That stuck with me. 

Like…somedays you feel top notch and sincerely dont give a shit what anyone says or thinks about you, somedays the wrong glance brings you to your knees. 

Somedays youre certain your dog is the best dog that ever existed, somedays your dog takes a shit on the floor right after you take him outside because he’s a prick. 

Somedays you believe that marriage is a beautiful, sacred bond that will last forever, somedays you finalize your second divorce and feel like you dont have enough middle fingers to shove in love’s direction. 

Somedays you leap into the dating pool while throwing caution to the wind and are optimistically surprised when you meet a nice guy, somedays youre left questioning your sanity after finding the “nice guy”‘s multiple dating site profiles. 

Somedays you think family is a precious gift to be cherished above all other relationships, somedays youd like to pack your shit and move into a vast wilderness…forever alone. 

Somedays you are in awe of your children growing older and wish you could slow time down, somedays youre certain there is no way you will survive your spawn’s teenaged years and wish death would find you. 

Yes, balance.