I went to lunch with my Dad and the kids after church. We ate, the kids played, we talked and then we went our way and he went his, which is over to Oma’s (my grandmother – his mother) house for his weekly Sunday afternoon visit. About an hour later, I got a panicked call from my Mom asking if I could give her a ride downtown to the hospital so she could meet my Dad there, who was following my grandmother in an ambulance. I guess when he got over there, she was really out of sorts, wasn’t making sense, slurred speech, etc, etc. So he had taken here to an urgent care center and after examining her they called an ambulance.

My Dad was so upset and emotional. I felt so badly for him. When I put my arms around him to hug him, he was just shaking. It’s not often I see my father in such a condition.

They kept her overnight last night. They’re running all kinds of test to figure out what’s going on. Nothing they saw yesterday, pointed to a heart attack or stroke, but they were planning on doing an MRI today.

It’s just weird.  I actually went by the cemetery this past week, on what would’ve been my grandfather’s 80th birthday. I was really close to him. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was 13 years old. Anyways, while I was there, I had dusted some stuff away from the head stone and I remember that I thought to myself how weird it was that my grandmother’s name was already on the other side of the stone. It’s been there for some 14 years, and I’ve seen it before, but for some reason, on that day last week it just seemed strange.

Do you ever wonder if even little thoughts like that, little things that grab your attention when they normally wouldn’t, are little premonitions?

Another kinda creepy thing that happened was that when we were in the emergency room waiting for some word on Oma, I looked up and there was this State Trooper, walking towards me, looking right at me. *see post below* It’s not often that I cross paths with one, in fact I can’t remember if I ever have, other than seeing them on a public service announcement or the news or something. So, to see one in the flesh, so soon after having this so life like, real feeling, bad dream, kinda gave me the heebie geebies.

Anyways, this is all just distrction talk for what’s plaguing my mind, worrying about Oma. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.




Well…that was fun.

We got to Louisville around 4pm Friday. I got to meet my cousin Bry’s little boy for the very first time. I guess he’s around 9mos old and he’s darling. Adorable. He was in a great mood and came right to me. Was all smiles and cute enough to make me ponder having another one myself. This is why my husband had the snip-snip. Every time I hold a baby, I get the hair brained idea to have another one.

Anyways, we had just gotten everything out of the car and into the house when a really bad storm blew through. I got to see my cousin Li and her boyfriend for a bit before they went to dinner and they were kind enough to invite to see a movie with them later. At midnight we caught “You, Me & Dupree” I could have done without the movie, I didn’t really care for it or maybe I just had higher comical expectations…but the company was good.Her boyfriend even paid my way…love that. Then treated us to a little snack at Steak n’ Shake afterwards. I think I got back to my Nana’s around 3am, fell asleep around 4 and then got up with kids at 7.

Took the kids swimming Saturday afternoon and then kinda hung out and visited with family. We tried to go out for a big family dinner at the fabulous BarBQ place called Mark’s Feed Store, but it ended up being me, the kids, my Dad and Li and her boyfriend. Which was just fine for me. I was really impressed that the boyfriend made it through a whole dinner sitting next to Diva and was not even phased.  Went home and went swimming again. Stayed up late talking to my Mom and Nana. Sunday we swam all day long. I have the sunburn to prove it. Then almost everyone came over for a family cookout. Food was delicious. I’m a big fan of meals I don’t have to prepare myself.  Then my Mom and I forced Nana to sit down and watch “Elizabethtown” with us. I really like that movie for more reasons than I can explain, but if you haven’t seen it it’s worth the watch. Got up yesterday morning, packed all of our stuff up and headed home.

It was good to see everybody and it was a relatively uncomplicated visit. Just don’t like seeing my grandmother so thin. That was hard to take and made me worry about her.

Oh and then there was the bathroom incident on the way home.  We stopped for the millionth time for Diva to use the bathroom at a McDonald’s.  I put her in one stall, telling her to do her business and I’ll come back and clean her up and then went in the stall across from it.  “I’m dooooooone” she says as always and I again remind her to wait to get off the toilet so I can come help. “I’m coming.” I reply when I hear the toilet flush in her stall. Not a big deal but I figure I need to get in there before she pulls her pants up and I get a chance to wipe her when I hear “Uh-oh” followed by “Sorry, Mommy, sorry Mommy.”  and then water starts coming under my door. I open the door to find Diva standing in the middle of her stall with her underwear, shorts and shoes soaked. It overflowed. I had to toss everything in the trash and carry her out of McDonald’s in nothing but a t-shirt.


And we’re home….for now. Diva and I are leaving Thursday (which is also my birthday) to go to my cousin’s house in Virginia for her baby shower. It’s also right around where I grew up in Northern Virginia…so I might go see some old friends while I’m there.

My new classes start tomorrow. Say prayers or do whatever you do for me.

I like to read.

I like to get lost in a good book. It helps take my mind off things, especially right before bed. It helps tire out my brain so it doesn’t run all night on auto-pilot, playing what-ifs and all that crap. But my problem is I am always going to the library and checking out books I don’t like. I read a chapter or two and get bored with it, end up forgetting about it, getting a reminder notice, paying a late charge.

About a month ago as I was thumbing through “O” magazine (Really good magazine in my opinion), I saw this ad for something called the “Next Novel Collection”. It’s a collection of books about “women looking for what’s next in life“. So I went to the website online and found out I could try two of the books COMPLETELY free and then if I liked them, they would send me 4 new books every month, sticking to the theme.

I got my two books last week, I’ve already read them both and now being really impatient about getting my “NEXT” shipment.

Anyways, If you’re interested….Check out the Next Novel Series. They’re easy reads. Nothing to deep.

That’s been helping keep my mind of the still all consuming pain in my side. It’s so freaking frustrating. Makes simple things a “pain”. Like yesterday we were running late for Pickle’s appointment with the neurologist and we needed to actually run, but the most I could muster up was a fast walk with a limp and “AR!’ from every step on my left side. If I had been wearing a patch over one eye and had a hook for a hand, I’d have made a great grumpy pirate.  “ARRRR, I say”  Maybe I have a Halloween idea there.

Pickle has been having seizures this week. Not the fall on the floor, uncontrolable shaking kind, but the blank stares and weird convo kind. So we took him yesterday. More meds.

Tom Cruise will be thrilled, I’m sure.

Met a little girl in the waiting room who had verbal dyspraxia, which means she thinks she’s saying one thing but it sounds like garbled nonsense to the rest of us. She took a liking to the husband, holding his hand, sitting on his lap, making him read her books. Her grandmother got the biggest kick out if it. She was the cutest little girl. She even hugged me bye. Never ceases to amaze how children are so resiliant.

My NANA arrives this afternoon!!!!! YAY!