I believe in love

I was at a punk/metal bar tonight because they were hosting a chick book club’s PRIDE drag show fundraiser.

Stop and read that again.

Punks. Metalheads. Nerds. LGBT. Black. White.

Let me add: I watched a young man pray with his now sister before they took the stage TOGETHER. An 80-something Grandma got on stage with the chick lits and danced to En Vogue’s ‘Free Your Mind’.

I really took it in. It was love.

It was really fuckin rad and beautiful.

Since Mom was in the hospital, we’ve been spending a much greater amount and quality of time together. We’ve both been talking about all these very vivid memories and dreams that keep coming to mind. We have been trying to piece together memories and timelines. This is also coinciding with me decluttering … well, my whole life. Below is an example of one of many astounding connections we have come across. This joint time and effort has provided the greatest insight into who my Mom is and how she arrived at herself in the present, as I’m doing the same work myself. It’s beautiful and I am so grateful for it.

There’s A Life-Changing Eclipse Happening In July, And This Is What It Will Mean For Each Sign — Thought Catalog

On the evening of July 27, there will be a total lunar eclipse, which is when Earth completely blocks the sun’s light from reaching the moon, making it appear as though the moon has disappeared. Though all eclipses are powerful, this is especially potent, because it’s going to be the longest of the entire century.…

via There’s A Life-Changing Eclipse Happening In July, And This Is What It Will Mean For Each Sign — Thought Catalog

And I quote …

I literally just got up and left meditation because I read this while mentally prepping and I had to share:

“If we understand the need for mental exercises, then we can be patient to ourselves. Patience leads us away from guilt. We might have done some stupid and shameful things, but we can change that if we just give ourselves time.”