Men have better sex with emotionally unstable women

While no woman intends to fall into the “crazy girlfriend” role, it happens. We lose our heads over guys we like and do stuff that we wouldn’t generally entertain when we’re in our right minds. Plus, even if we are even-keeled about our relationships, mental health struggles are real and things happen in life that sometimes compromise our equilibrium. That’s not a bad thing for guys since many men like having sex with women who are a little unstable.

(See? I called it.)


a much needed compliment

We met with the personal trainer this morning to discuss where we have been, are at presently and the goals we would like to achieve going forward. I talked about everything I had been through and followed it with: “My main man here told me that I have done enough for everyone else. It’s time to learn how to be  selfish and  that is going to start by me taking care of myself, before I can give to anyone/anything else, even him.” With great trepidation I turned to him to await his reaction. He turned away from me, looked our trainer right in the eye and with complete sincerity, he said:

“She’s the most amazing woman I have ever known.”