About ME

Hi. Im Stephanie. Im a girl daring greatly to live life on life’s terms with vulnerability and my sense of humor still in tact.

Im a former, urban, legal minion who has been disabled and now passes the days as a reluctant, suburban single Mom to three children: an aspiring diva, a jedi and my pickle, an adopted stepson with special needs who is entering the all new, rugged terrain of adulthood.

This is my nuclear existence.

This is my little space in the world to tell my story. To be extremely honest about the trials of everyday life.

21 thoughts on “About ME

  1. G’day Stephanie,
    First off let me just agree with Ailene above, my reason for dropping in was to thank you for your visit and noting a like on my page, both are very much appreciated.

  2. My husband is my grammar police! He likes to look over my shoulder and edit my articles as I write. It’s a good thing I love him, or he would drive me crazy! I hope you are able to continue writing for as long as you desire to do so. Best of luck!

  3. Stephanie;
    First of all thanks a lot for following my blog; from today, I too started to follow your blog; not as a “Return Favour” but, your blog is absolutely amazing!
    Though, still I have not gone through the entire blog, but, just going through your “ABOUT” page, I could not resist myself to write you here.
    You have gone through and going through a lot in your life, but, remember, “GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US ” & HE NEVER LET DOWN HIS BELOVED KID LIKE YOU”
    Wishing you all the best……………..

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