Sunday’s Song

“Love is what we’re born with. Fear is what we learn.”

I realized over this past week that everybody I know seems to be letting someone/something get the best of them. It’s usually someone who has hurt them or something that is going to (i.e. addiction). Why do we do that? Why don’t we just let sleeping dogs lie? Why do we let us stop us from moving forward? People are desperate for connection at our most “connected” point in the human species. Perhaps, in our desperation, we don’t realize that we make self-fulfilling prophecies that let these people/things continually hurt us, alter us, our relationships, our decisions; the connections we desire and all of it needs to stop.

The one thing we can do to improve the value of our relationships: Vulnerability.

Let me ask: Is someone getting the best of you?

Is it time to let it go?

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