shadowboxing the inner critic

What do you do with your life when you have relentless ambition, a beautiful mind and dope soul but literally nothing else to offer ?
It seems almost as if an oxymoron. Why would one need worry about anything else when in possession of such a triple threat and also, you would be surprise how little people see beyond physique and what you can bring to the financial table.
Im suffering from a chronic illness that has gotten to it’s worst point (as far as I have personally experienced thus far) recently. I’m losing my sight; and mind it seems. I’ve had to resign from any employment, most likely permanently. All while being a single Mom who is coming up short in every aspect of parenting because I often find myself completely depleted on energy. I’ve always prided myself on being a good Mom, now I try to console myself my saying I can’t be the worst, but it certainly isn’t from any shortage of effort.

I’m over extended in everyway.

I really am out of ideas and resources.
Im all ears…

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