Today was a good day.

Cold and blustery. Intimidating on the surface as I start immunosuppressive therapies tomorrow. I just needed a day to dust myself off, get back out in the world, see beauty and have fun. I was not disappointed.

Maui took me to Cleveland’s Botanical Garden for ORCHIDMANIA and a butterfly release. I was not disappointed:




This was promptly followed by an evening at the casino hanging out with my secret identity where I was reintroduced to an old flame, spending money as entertainment!


We even hit a Red Robin up on the way home for burgers, bottomless fries and bottomless root beer floats. YUMMM.

The point is, I’m so grateful for today. It may the last day I’m able to get out and walk amongst the living for a while due to the immunosuppression, but Maui was determined to show me a good time. We got a little crazy at the casino.

There was lots of smiling and laughter. My heart is full. That is all.

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