The wait for indifference

The thing that always trips me up is when actions don’t match words.

When I said: “I see you”. I really fucking meant it.

What you deemed “unstable” is what happens when you approach life with vulnerability and dare to love people exactly where they are.

I find it interesting how you cover the intimidation you feel with “logical” opinions.

That’s not alpha male. That’s tyranny. That’s your brain controlling you instead of you controlling your brain. THAT is unstable. It will never be sustainable. It’s not honorable.

Here’s your mirror.

Sunday’s Song

Wild hearts can’t be broken, baby girl.

It hurts, yes, but that’s growing pains.

I know you think you’re a mess, but trust momma, you’re just breaking chains years ahead of your time.

I’m proud of you. Stay woke.

No matter what anyone does, says or thinks about it, I’ll fight for us to know the truth. I’ll never surrender.

This is OUR rally cry.