One of my oldest and dearest friends just called me and I didn’t answer the call. 


My heart is tired, completely tired of trying. I just couldn’t even talk about it.

He texted me because he knows I won’t answer when I’m a snotty, hot mess and just simply asked if everything was ok. I replied that it would be and told him that I appreciated his friendship.

Then it occurred to me that I’m always appreciative, yet I’ve been shelved for underappreciating. 

How is that even possible? Can someone call you appreciative and unappreciative out of opposite sides of the same mouth? If so, which is to be believed? 

OR is it that this person will never hear it because it’s not whom he wants to hear it from? 

Wait …

To question my parenting … you’ve got balls, darling, please don’t embarrass yourself. Comparing me to your mother and baby drama mama? Really? Come at me, bro?   

Oh! and holding your sister up like the beautiful soul she is- that’s deserved, she deserves it,but you using it as a carrot for me to chase or a pedestal to judge me from? To put us on different levels? For what?

 I’m not competing with these people to understand your perspective. 

My worth is not defined by your perception. For that matter, neither are my kids. 

Yes, we’re different, we’re not supposed to be the same and we’re not supposed to try and “fix” the other. There is no “less than” or “more than” in love and if you’re looking for it, it’s not love. 

And the moment any participant in a relationship feels the need to prove themselves as worthy of the other’s affections, respect or love … that relationship should end. 


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