Abandonment Issues?

I keep having this repetitive dream. It often feels like a night terror, I can’t  wake up from and when I do,.I’m crying and panicked.  It feels … ominous and urgent, but I can’t find my way out. 

The characters change but the gist is the same. I am always looking for someone in vain and when I’m trying to convey a dire warning or ask for help, the person who I am talking to cannot hear me. I swear sometimes I will be screaming so loudly that the person’s hair will blow back in it’s wake, but they cannot hear me. Then, they will just disappear and everyone else around doesn’t notice. I will start trying to talk to someone else, asking where the first person went and everytime they look at me as if I’m crazy, so I stop asking. I’m eventually completely abandoned and seach and seach and search for someone, ANYONE, until I wake up.

This time it was my sister.

After waking up and regaining my composure and bearings, I reached over for my phone and googled dream interpretation. I clicked on the first link and typed in: abandonment. This was what came up:

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