And I quote …

​There are many institutions that don’t want you to know that all you have to do to be with God is breathe, because then everybody’d quit jumping through their hoops. Breathing is free, you know. Knowing is important. You have to be still to know.

It strikes me that it’s always religious people who are most surprised by grace. Those hoops we become so exhausted from jumping through? We created them. We forget that our maker made us human, and so it’s okay—maybe exactly right—to be human. We are ashamed of the design of the one we claim to worship. So we sweep up our mess and hide our doubts, contradictions, anger, and fear before showing ourselves to God, which is like putting on a fancy dress and makeup to prepare for an X-ray.

The truth is grace and grace makes no exceptions.

You are not what you’ve done. You are loved and have always been loved and will always be loved. And not only are you loved, but you are love.

Love is what you’re made of and grace is free for all. Grace and worthiness are yours for the taking .Grace makes no disclaimer. It’s true for all or none.

~Glennon Doyle Melton

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