Wake Up, America

In the coal mines of our country there must be detectors of changes of atmosphere toxicity. Historically, these detectors were canaries. The canaries would cry out to warn the miners so they would escape. 

America, I’m a canary and this is my warning cry: Plan your escape from the matrix. Turn off the screens. WALK to a library. Make a comment to one person. Tell another person something you like about them just because. Research your biggest fear by finding a physical book that helps you find a different perspective of your fear. Discuss what you read with one other person, but the person must be of a different gender, religion and/or race. Sing your favorote song. Go volunteer. Get out of your comfort zones. In this age of information, you do not get the luxury of ignorance or complacency. You owe it to societial evolution to be proactive so that your children, and even great grandchildren, can benefit from the things you teach yourself in the next five years. Do not believe what you’re told – any of it , even from me, until you find out for yourself. The next five years matter greatly to our democracy’s legacy. It’s time to wake up. 

**tweet, tweet**

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