Things my kids say

My two teenagers have taken to singing “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts (or the Friends theme song) everytime something goes wrong and Im at wit’s end. 

Grocery bag splits open, spilling groceries across just cleaned floor:

Kids: 🎼”so no one told you life was gonna be this way”🎵 *clap clap clap 👏 *

Things my kids say

Me: Im pretty sure Im gaining weight. Ugh… I feel like a fatty.

Diva: You know today I put this shirt on and it was more form fitting and I looked at myself and thought “Oh. You look good, girl. You’re not overweight. ” Then I got to school and sat in a desk was like:

“Nope. Well, that was nice while it lasted.”

Me, laughing: You are so MY daughter.

Note to Self

“They are trying to pressure you into letting up and giving in to make it easier on them. Stand your ground… you have ALREADY been the good person and done the right thing. You have already done what would help them. They just don’t want it to cost them anything, but that’s not right and that’s not life.”

~ My Mother