Sunday’s Song

Im a cool girl or so Ive been told by associates of the male gender. Im the girl every guy wants to hang with. Ol buddy, ol pal. Its really not a compliment, just an observation. 

The definition of cool girl is much trickier. Apperently I am the girl you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you could tell anything to, hell, Id tell you the same and mean it. It doesnt happen that way though. Theres always an unnecessary secret. The secret hurts, the details do not. I could have been saved so much trouble. But here we are again. Listening to what people think I want to hear. 

And lately theres this rash of “I dont deserve you and Ill prove it” going around. Self fulfilling prophecy. 

I just want to be free like all of you. Arent relationships a two-way street?

Here, let my girl Tove summarize:

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