Top Ten Quotes on PTSD

Best description of PTSD Ive ever read …
“It is as though some old part of yourself wakes up in you, terrified, useless in the life you have, its skills and habits destructive but intact, and what is left of the present you, the person you have become, wilts and shrivels in sadness or despair: the person you have become is only a thin shell over this other, more electric and endangered self. The strongest, the least digested parts of your experience can rise up and put you back where you were when they occurred; all the rest of you stands back and weeps.”

Rose with Thorns

Steps Descending in and out of PTSD is a struggle. (These are also the steps outside of where I am staying to the backyard.)

All day long, I worked on my essays for the tutorials today and tomorrow. Thankfully, one is finished and the other coming along. Looking at my work makes me realize that I should consider staying in academia. Although I love writing, research is probably even more exciting for me. After all, one of my 2,000-word essays had 10,000 words of research. Cutting down my material takes up a great deal of my time.

Anyway, the point of my blog today is to give you some uplifting but painfully honest quotes about PTSD. Having mine ratchet up the past few days has made life very stressful. However, I am hanging in there like thousands of other men, women, and children who suffer from this illness do each day. These…

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