Bomb Threat

About an hour ago, I received a text from Pickle telling me that the high school has been evacuated and that there were a lot of cops there. All the students were out in the football stadium and nobody had any idea what was going on. 

After telling him to stay calm and to be sure to stay near his special education teacher so that he could hear any instructions/information given and that I was praying for him, I received a reverse emergency call from the school and email that stated:

We received an anonymous call a few minutes ago notifying us of the potential of a bomb in the high school building. We have mobilized the police and fire, as well as our highly trained staff, to deal with this threat. All students and staff have been directed to evacuate the building at this time and walk calmly to the high school stadium. We are dismissing school. Normal bus and normal driver will be in place. Parent pick-up will take place normally, as well.

 Yeh, that just happened. 

Pickle is already home, Thank God, but it occurred to me that while they have the kids go through these “drills”, they never tell parents how we should respond when our students contact us. Having been through it now, I can say that is completely unsettling and that the instinct to go get your kid is prevalent. But logically and logistically a bunch of parents swarming into a place that’s already dealing with high anxiety is not a good idea. It also seems to me that giving parents some attainable preparedness task would be  more desireable than distributing a vague message, titled “Bomb Threat” that leaves us all feeling completely helpless. 

What are parents supposed to do when a child’s school receives a bomb threat? More importantly, what about parents with special need children? 

Id really like to know. 

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