This is what gets me: Part One

This morning we were awaken with a BANG! that shook the whole house. A thunderstorm was rolling through just as the kids alarms were going off to ready for the school day, My thoughts, of course, went to wondering how long this storm was going to last and if I was going to need to drive them to the bus stop or to school altogether when me cellphone rang. It’s my Dad calling to say that the storm had woken him up too and that he’ll take the kids to school today. I hang up the phone even more grateful for my Daddy than I already forever am, when it hits me. THIS is one of the many things that never occurs to the EX. 

Does he ever wake up wondering how the kids are? 

How does he go about his day not knowing how they’ll get to school  during a storm, how their day will go, what they’ll eat for lunch, what kind of social situations they might need guidance navigating, what homework they may have, the things they’ll have to say about their day, whether there’s food to eat for dinner, if they’ll get their chores done or need a privilege taken away to motivate them or without those hugs and kisses before they go to bed safely tonight?

2 thoughts on “This is what gets me: Part One

  1. At times like this it may see like he is getting out of the responsibility but that is so far from the truth, he is missing out. Even if he were to be there on the weekends or quick calls through the week, still it is just crumbs of their lives. Enjoyed your post, thank you for posting.

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