Compliments & Criticism

There’s been a lot of outside chatter leaking into my personal, sacred space. It’s left me feeling rather confused and questioning everything.

There’s been just as many compliments, if not more, than criticism, but that’s what I can’t wrap my head around. The criticism. It’s getting the best of me.

I can’t leave well enough alone and seems every time I pull back the curtain to take another look, there’s something there I just don’t understand. I start to roll it around. Develop theories and questions I want to ask people who are either no where to be found or whom I just don’t feel like they care enough for me to share my story with and the people who do genuinely care, well, they can’t provide the closure. I realize some chapters just need to be closed without closure but I can never leave the past alone. I’m always dragging it around.

Why the fuck can’t I just let it go?

I think I need some time alone to center and gain some clarity … find some peace and serenity.

5 thoughts on “Compliments & Criticism

  1. Haters gonna hate. I have learned no one has lived my past. I stuggle to let it go also. You’ll find your path, don’t rush it. When haters hate they are more often than not jealous. Let them hate.. You can’t change them 🙂 /hugs/ now go get some of that alone time. Why? Because I said you deserve it.

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