In response to Harsh Reality’s daily post challenge, I decided to snap some pictures of me running errands a round town today. 

The first errand involved running back out to the dealership where we bought our “new to me” Ford F-150 yesterday, to pick up the extra key we were promised and drop off the proof of insurance coverage information. We have almost always had a truck or SUV in the family, but when I became unable to work or drive, we became a one car family and switched to a Subaru Outback with AWD to save some money on gas. Now, that I’m going to be driving again… well, we needed another vehicle and a truck has returned to the driveway and all is right in the world. Or something like that. Actually was the best car buying experience I’ve had.Next errand involved running to five below to grab some garb for a Punk Irish party we’re attending next Friday at our friend’s place. I dig a themed party. I’ll try to remember to grab a shot of us all dressed up for it next week. 

This is Hubster driving the new truck. I also took this picture because the kids’ favorite playground, SKIP Park, is in the background. I’m so thankful that we live in a town that prioritizes parks and recreation. We have a lot at our disposal, like a 27 mile hike & bike trail that circles our hometown and as soon as the weather breaks you better believe I’ll be strapping on sneakers or hopping on my bike to make good use of it. The sky just before sunset this evening was really breathtaking to me. I love the way the clouds were spaced out and most of all I love that the trees have started to bud their new leaves. C’mon Spring. I like the look and feel of snow, but this winter has been particularly brutal and I’m 534% over it. Please, enjoy the added viewing pleasure of my dogs’ shit in the below photo. No extra charge. Since I was busy with errands and napping today, we grabbed Dairy Queen for dinner, but we always sit down at the table together to eat. It’s a very important part of my day.

After dinner, I spent a good hour getting the kids spruced up to attend their first live theater experience of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ at Weathervane Playhouse with my parents. 

My littlest furbaby, PNut, always gets really nervous when we start to get ready to go anywhere because he hates his crate. However, the little son of a bitch pisses in the house if he is not in the crate so really, he leaves me with no choice. One of my errands for the day was to get a frame for my newest piece of art. If you’re looking to spruce up your own walls with a piece of Urban Wall Art please check out Ray Ferrer’s official shop, he’s currently running a 50% off sale as he is trying to raise money for his treatment for a recently diagnosed brain tumor. He’s got some great stuff.  I found Ray through his wordpress and am truly inspired by it. All of his pieces are very moving. Hubster hung it for me tonight. The Jedi cleans up very well. A very handsome young man, if I do say so myself. I may be slightly biased … just a tad. 

After the kids left, I started working on putting some of favorite pictures of them as wee lil ones into frames that I plan to put on each side on Ray’s piece.

Then I started working on a little wreath project for my sister’s wedding/elopement. She’s getting married on St Patrick’s Day to a really great guy who Im more than happy to welcome into the family. 

When Im done, I hope for it to resemble this wreath that I found on Pintrest.  Unfortunately, it was linked to any instructions so Im crafting by the seat of my pants. 

And now, Im off to blow off some steam by killing zombies in ‘Dead Island: Epedemic’.

A Day in Northeast Ohio

20 thoughts on “A Day in Northeast Ohio

  1. Busy day lady! I really LOVE the wreath. Turquoise is my absolute favourite colour. Lovely family, great pics!

  2. Great, lovely photos, and a lovely, smiling face… 🙂
    Ray’s prognosis isn’t very good, though—getting a second opinion, after being told his tumor is inoperable. 😦

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