Bullets for today

  • Sent an email to a “friend”
  • Wrote a blog
  • Listened to music suited to my pensive mood
  • Started bulletpoints blog
  • Tried to sleep
  • Couldnt sleep
  • Did calisthenics at 2:30 am
  • Wonder if Im back at manic
  • Check my email
  • Revivse and submit final draft for publication
  • Refill eCig and smoke
  • Read and reply to a very confusing response from “friend”
  • Have almost hour long argument(?) with “friend”
  • Lose “friend”
  • Have a good cry
  • Smoke
  • Listen to more music
  • Burst out laughing about whole situation with “friend”
  • Give up on sleep
  • Write another email to “friend” regarding ridiculousness
  • Write another email proposing do-over with “friend”
  • Make coffee
  • Take shower
  • Drink coffee
  • Watch Good Morning America
  • Send kids off to school
  • Take a nap
  • Get dressed
  • Fail driver’s exam for license
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Grocery shopping
  • Unload groceries
  • Have lunch at Bob Evans with Mom & Dad
  • Smoke
  • ER follow up visit with doctor
  • Email from elephant journal that latest submission has been published.
  • Check Facebook.
  • ^Worry about sister&sister-in-law
  • Talk with Mom
  • No sleep is catching up with me
  • Start chilli for dinner
  • Phone call to bestie
  • Talk with Hubster about last night
  • Take pain medicine
  • First bites of Ben & Jerry’s new! “The Tonight Dough”. Mmmm
  • Chat with Diva about her day at school
  • Post someecard to sister’s FB
  • Decide Im going to teach myself to play guitar
  • Smoke
  • Try to call sister-in-law
  • Receive new internet modem
  • Prepare eBay sales for shipping
  • Receive last month’s biopsy results: + autonomic neuropathy
  • Review biopsy results with Hubster
  • Call Dad to relay results
  • Call PCP doc and relay diagnosis
  • Call cable compant to activate modem
  • Discuss gaming venture with Hubster
  • Screw around with blog settings
  • Chat with Jedi about his day
  • Text friend’s wife about birthday
  • Hug & kiss kids goodnight
  • Turn in early
  • Pray for sleep to come

3 thoughts on “Bullets for today

  1. “autonomic neuropathy”

    What a plain-Jane diagnoses, huh? Like the podiatrist diagnosing me with neuropathy in my feet — all it means is “nerve pain.” It was an MRI showing spinal stenosis that explained my neuropathy, or that’s my guess, anyway. So, is it the Fibro causing your neuropathy?

    • I was already sort of prepared for the diagnosis because we already knew that I had anti-optic nerve antibodies. It only further confirms that my immune system
      Is attacking my nerves.
      They think it’s either post viral from when I had this febrile incident 10 years ago, which was right before my fibro diagnosis or it’s just being caused on an autoimmune basis.

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