The 5 Ways To Win MY Heart

1. Be courageous.

This is crucial. Everybody who holds a spot in my heart, at some point did something courageous that made me take notice. Whether it was taking the first step in approaching me, sharing something with me or doing something so bold that I had no choice but to take notice. This is true of my best female friends and my loves in life. Passive gets you no where with me. Standing by is ordinary. Anyone can exist, even cowards. I want to see your lion roar.

2. Have passion.

I’m not talking about red, hot, fiery passion and lust here. I’m talking about what makes you tick. That which lights you up like a Christmas tree. I don’t care if it’s video games or cars, music, art, food, sports or books, but there has to be something that inspires you and makes you feel good. Something that you connect to the outside world through. Because if there isn’t something that gets you connected, you’re likely very disconnected emotionally. In my experience that has always been the case.

3. Share moments.

There’s nothing like a having a beautiful moment that gets etched on your soul for life except sharing it with another person and knowing they are going to carry that piece of you, forever. Those little moments is the stuff life is all about. What is life without moments. If there’s no sharing moments, there’s no sharing my heart. Bottom line.

4. Make love to my mind.

If you cannot carry a conversation outside of a text message, just keep walking. This girl needs people in her life that can stimulate my brain in ways I didn’t even know were possible. You have to be able to have no fear of scratching out the surface bullshit and really digging some depth. I want to know what you’re thinking. I want to hear about your dark as much as your dreams. This is how we grow.

5. Effort counts.

Relationships can just exist, but if you want my heart, I need your effort. Give me your time, care and concern. Im worth it.

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