I had a really triumphant day Tuesday that turned into one of the worst days of my life with gastroparesis. I had wanted to share some pictures of me celebrating (I rode a carousel) being able to get my driver’s permit.  

But Ive been feeling so shitty, literally, that I havent thought much about anything else, much less putting them to paper.

I will say this : love, real love, is UNDERrated. Real love is when you can look at a man and tell him you just shit yourself in bed and he is completely unphased and says “Aww baby. Im sorry you feel ao bad. I love you.

When a man tells you he loves you in THAT moment or he sees you looking like this

AND thinks you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. His woman. That’s love ya’ll. Real love.

Love at its core is this: That in sickness and in health, with shit in your pants and ugly on your face, it finds the best in you. It knows the song in your heart and singd it back to you.

I dont give him nearly enough credit for all the ways he really loves me.

Feeling shitty but totally “in love”

5 thoughts on “Feeling shitty but totally “in love”

  1. You’ve got a keeper 🙂 Real love is way better than the fake romantic fluff in the movies. Your post reminded me of the time I had a really bad case of the runs and although we were booting it home, and I ran as fast as I could to get inside and on the “throne” I didn’t quite make it and we laughed so hard…we still laugh at it…

    • Shit happens! lol
      Seriously, he is a great guy. Sometimes my girl brain can ramp up and make me question it but he’s the love of my life and that he understands my girl brain and listens when I vocalize my emotions, sincerely, means everything to me. He loves ME, good and bad, light and dark, he loves me. There’s nothing like it.

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