Sunday’s Song

The day after tomorrow, I have an appointment with my neuro-opthamologist. I have finally decided to ATTEMPT to get my driver’s license back.

I have not driven in over 4 years. That was when my vision loss began and because my other symptoms were so unmanageable, I had to surrender my license. It wasn’t until late last year when a cardiologist mentioned to me that it MIGHT be possible for me to get my license, with medical restrictions, that I even allowed myself to consider the possibility. When you go from being a working mother to a reluctant housewife with children and no way to get around accept depending on others for transportation, it really sucks. Being dependent on other people is not something I’m good at. One of things I promised myself when I left an abusive marriage years ago was that I would never put myself in the position to be dependent on others again. Life had other plans.

After all that has been said in done medically, I have learned how to get myself functional in certain situations. There are others that are completely out of my control that I still struggle with but learning to letting go has been one of the biggest challenges of my life as well.

As I started this year, I was reading “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown and I made a resolution to do so more often. So, I will go with all my necessary modifications in hand, daring greatly, to discover new possibilities and potential. I will not balk at having to look or feel disabled. I will try. I will continue to fight the good fight.

That’s what this Sunday’s Song is all about.

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