You Need Help

Just love this. Very relate-able for me.

You see there is this guy from my past (dont we all have, at least, one) who emerged in my present a few months ago.

I relate to this because initially what brought him back about was photos that I found. As I looked upon him in the pictures I thought, “What happened there? He’s a nice guy.”

I should also mention that there was a distance forming between my husband and I at this same point and I, not being able to leave well enough alone, reached out to him.

At first, the nostalgia and attention were intoxicating. But it was fleeting fast. I am reminded, as our conversations continue, exactly why I moved on.

This man is not the one in my pictures or who lives in my memories. He needs help and I am not the one.

Who’s the person in your past that allows you to relate to this?

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