Through the fog: An Elegy

Lightning strikes
The drug seeps in my veins
Teardrop on a fire
That smolders the pain.
Watch as I descend
into an abyss of fog
My defenses down
I begin to shadowbox the devil’s dog.
That bitch always rears her ugly head
to let me know
How weak I am and out of control
Just as fate’s hand is finally shown.
I’m lost for words
It’s too much for one soul to bear
I search for anyone or anything
That might still be out there.
I need that healing fountain
To overflow
To soak my feet
And through the fog, begin to glow
The light of hope
Or at least respite,
For some salvation
I am desperate.
I settle in
In this fog
And pray for endurance
To continue this jog.
Through the diagnosis
Prognosis and wait
It matters not how strait the gate
I will be master of my own fate.


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