Love Changes People

Uncommon Graces

When my daughter goes to bed and the house falls silent, my passion quickly becomes replaced with reality and my thoughts begin racing.

“Evade, avoid, and repeat” is my motto. After 2 a.m., it becomes more of an anthem.

It works, too.

Tonight, for example, I didn’t notice that my open letter to my friends and my family wasn’t read or liked on even one of six social networks. At least, not by any of my family members.

I didn’t notice that out of 338 Facebook friends, only a handful read my letter or liked it.

In fact, It almost slipped right by me that out of my last 20 posts, only three family members interacted and the exact same 25 people. But I didn’t notice at all.

It’s just Facebook.

Just like I didn’t notice when child abuse, domestic abuse and violence, started trending and not many shared my message then, either. Some wrote to tell…

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