1st job for 1st born

Today will be Pickle’s first day at his first job. wow. It’s just incredible to me.

He will be working floor stock in retail. He will have an aide provided through Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities working 4 hours, Monday-Friday and collect a paycheck. This is the part he is most excited about. He already has plans to take his kitten, Cortana, to the vet after he gets his first one.

It did my heart wonders to hear the pride in his voice as he told my Dad the news. Dad jumped out of his chair to hug him and said, “That’s wonderful.” My Pickle was beaming. I soaked it all up. Every last drop.

I’m so incredibly proud of him. Even when he’s unsure of what lies ahead, he goes full steam ahead with a positive attitude. To see him happy and reaching for his full potential and being proactive in having his best life possible is all I’ve ever wanted for him.

I can’t wait to hear about his new adventures into this mysterious, adult terrain.

Mom is so proud of you, son.

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