My child thinks they might be gay

Well, 2015 isn’t messing around.

Jan 2nd and just as Im about to lay down my sleepyhead and dose off I get this text to my phone:

Mom what if Im gay or bisexual

As fate would have it, having several LGBT friends and family members and living in Ohio, most of my newsfeeds this week have been largely about Leelah Alcorn. I was rendered frozen hand to mouth the first time I heard about the suicide. Having experienced a suicide as a family member, I am instantly taken back to the gut wrenching heartache that follows. My heart hurt for this young life lost, the potential stolen and the family.

It has started an important conversation. One that I hope every parent stops to have. What do you do if/when your child comes out to you? I don’t know that you can ever fully prepare yourself for it. However, Just as we prepare our children for potentially awkward conversations, we need to prepare ourselves. There are moments and words and decisions that we can never get back.

I am convinced that there is really only one right response and it’s remarkably easy to arrive at. No matter what your background, beliefs, race, gender, sexuality et cetera because it’s etched on our hearts and every fiber of our being the moment that child is placed in our arms.


2 thoughts on “My child thinks they might be gay

  1. That is the best answer you could possibly give :-). Also tell them not to stress. There is time and taking time to figure yourself out is not only allowed but perfectly normal and helpful. A hug can help as well :-D. You seem to be a great Mom!

    • Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.
      The truth is that parents don’t really know what we’re doing but I’ve found personally that blocking out what any outside influence and leading with love seems to work.
      I have great kids.

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