You might have a chronic illness if …

*I refresh this list as they come to me*

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody know your name and they’re always glad you came but you wish it wasn’t your doctor’s office.

You watch House and discover more probable ideas than your real life doctors have come up with.

You see your doctors more than your family members.

You and the pharmacist are on a first name basis.

You have a medication and doctor for each of your symptoms and for each side effect caused by the treatments and medications. Repeat. Repeat.

You know exactly how long it takes for your medication to take effect.

When people say, “Hi. How are you?” you no longer instinctively answer “Fine.”

You bring printed answers to new doctor’s offices and write ‘See attached’ under medications, diagnosis, surgeries …

Walgreens is your favorite store.

You get really excited upon finding a new Morton’s Epsom Salt LOTION.

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