No Child

I have tears streaming down my face and can barely see as I type but I have to take a minute to say this…
As someone who lives with a painful, incurable disease everyday, I can tell you it’s physically and emotionally exhausting. It’s all consuming sometimes. But I am an adult. When I think I can’t take anymore, when I’m dreading the next test or needle, I think of Gino. Then I suck it up and get it on with it.
Tonight, another family has lost a child to cancer. Her brave fight is over and she rests…at peace. As a parent this breaks me. This HAS to stop.
Without a doubt, everyone who reads this has lost a loved one to cancer or at the very least knows someone who has. Just stop and think of that fight. The appointments, the tests, the treatments, the pain…now imagine a child going through that…if you can even bear the THOUGHT imagine it’s your own child.
We all have diseases or causes that touch our lives for different reasons but childhood cancer, not one type, but ALL of them, is something we ALL need to stand up and fight about NOW. These are kids, babies even, fighting cancer. I implore you to get involved. Become aware. Demand pharmaceutical companies stop looking at bottom lines and turning away because it’s not profitable and look at the value of the lives lost, the potential of these children who have their whole lives ahead of them. Donate to Children’s Oncology Group Foundation who are tirelessly working towards a cure. If you go pink this month, for God’s sake GO GOLD the month before. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Ask a local business to go gold too. Commit to every year. DO SOMETHING. Stop these numbers from rising. Don’t wait until it’s your child.
ANY child with cancer deserves the world to stand behind them, NO, we should go before them. We should fight to the end that no child has to.

You might have a chronic illness if …

*I refresh this list as they come to me*

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody know your name and they’re always glad you came but you wish it wasn’t your doctor’s office.

You watch House and discover more probable ideas than your real life doctors have come up with.

You see your doctors more than your family members.

You and the pharmacist are on a first name basis.

You have a medication and doctor for each of your symptoms and for each side effect caused by the treatments and medications. Repeat. Repeat.

You know exactly how long it takes for your medication to take effect.

When people say, “Hi. How are you?” you no longer instinctively answer “Fine.”

You bring printed answers to new doctor’s offices and write ‘See attached’ under medications, diagnosis, surgeries …

Walgreens is your favorite store.

You get really excited upon finding a new Morton’s Epsom Salt LOTION.

Calm the f*** down about Ebola

I live just outside Akron Ohio where the 2nd nurse infected with ebola has to be from and visited over the weekend.

People are freaking out!

I feel like I have lost brain cells reading the comments section of the local news channel. I am also fairly certain that if this is a dry run for a zombie apocalypse, well, we’re all gonna be walkers in a matter of days.

I’ve decided to do my part by sharing some easy to understand PICTURES since so many are having such a difficult time processing words and all.





If you have been reading for sometime you may already know that my dear husband is a simple man, of few words, usually profanity. This is always humorous to me because he is such a sweet guy, but not romantic.

Tonight’s gem, while watching Val and Janel dance on ‘Dancing with the Stars’: “They have a fuckey vibe.”

Translation: He thinks their chemistry is too good to be platonic.