For The People?

I dont usually do this, but I have to opine about the Senate’s vote today in Washington.

First, let me say this: I firmly believe in the 2nd amendment. I am a gun owner and I appreciate the right to bear arms and protect my family.

However, I also suffer from a mental illness. For many personal reasons, which aren’t even relevant to this subject, I was hospitalized last year. When my husband came to see me at the hospital I asked that when he went back home that he move our firearms so that I shouldn’t know where theywere.

Was I mentally ill enough to take that firearm and hurt other people? No. Had I thought I could EVER take a life with a firearm, without being in fear for my life, I wouldn’t have even allowed one in our home to begin with.
Was I mentally ill enough to take that firearm and harm myself? Probably not, but as a responsible gun owner I know statistically that the chances rise for suicide when a firearm is available.

Having said that I want to say this:
Today’s vote WAS shameful. What was presented were basic, common sense provisions that RESPONSIBLE gun owners can AND should get behind and our supposed “representatives” let us down.

Look, as gun owners we cannot rant about our right to bear, buy, own arms and shake our guns in the air and say you can take it over my dead body, “from my cold, dead hands” without owning the responsibility. We need better background checks and common sense provisions in place.

Gun shows and online sales should be done away with. As a RESPONSIBLE gun owner you should WANT to buy your firearms from a reputable, knowledgable dealer. Frankly, I think you should be required to go through gun safety training before you’re issued a license to use a firearm. You know, think about someone who buys a motorcycle. Most states require that you go through a motorcycle safety/riding training before they issue you a license to operate it. Does it make any sense to put an untrained motorcyclist on the road? NO! But untrained gunowners? cmon!

I also think you should have to renew that license every couple years. Additionally, I don’t know why on Earth we need assault weapons. Everybody likes to claim that our founders gave us the right to bear arms and so we have the right to bear ALL arms. Sure, ok, but Im pretty sure our founders did not envision the arms that exist in our world today. Or the brazen disregard and ignorance so many citizens have now. We text while driving vehicles 60mph – stupid! My point is that maybe people who want to own the same weapons the government is entitled to should be required to go through government/military training. Why on Earth does it make any sense for any Joe Schmoe with no training to buy an ASSAULT RIFLE?!?

Also, if you’re going to stand up for your rights please know what you are standing up for. Read the bills being voted on. Stop being ignorant. No one is making a conspiracy to take away our firearms. A gun which kills people is not the same as forks that make people fat and they die so outlaw forks. You are not making a great case for the gun rights cause. Guns are made for the sole purpose of inflicting bodily harm. There’s a HUGE difference. Really, any person who wants the right to bear them should realize that.

No, gun control will not prevent all crimes because criminals will still sell and buy unregistered firearms to commit crimes. On that note I think there should be more allowances for concealed carry because realistically, its not the people with this training and licensure that we need to worry about AND honestly, if some whack job starts popping off,  Im hoping someone with a concealed carry is ready! If criminals think someone trained to shoot and kill has a weapon to defend people in their vicinity, I’m betting they’re gonna second guess the crime. Concealed carry in  most states, like my fabulous Ohio, are stupid. We can have a concealed carry license but if a sign is posted on the door that no firearms are allowed, and they’re posted everywhere, you can’t carry your firearm. Basically it gives me the right to conceal carry in my car and in fresh air. DUMB!

Really, instead of the ridiculous amount of money of government is speanding in riot gear and biohazard suits in South Dakota , it should go to something smart, like average people having access to emergency response training. Here’s a good example: the stupid color coded terrorist system Homeland Security has provided. Does ANYBODY even know what the colors mean or what response we should have to them? It means absolutely NOTHING to the public. And who is everywhere, all the time – THE PUBLIC! See something, say something? What should we look for? What should we say and to whom? I see and say stuff everyday but I don’t think any of it is going to stop a terrorist. Look it up, on average it takes something like at least 7 mins for trained personnel to arrive to an emergency. I think if someone is already trained and on the scene we are in much better shape.

I don’t know how to fix the system. I don’t have all the answers, but we have to start brainstorming, talking and coming up with solutions instead of digging our heels in for our own political/personal interest which is not going to do ANYTHING for ourselves, our families, our communities…our country.

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