I’ve come to the conclusion that I what I really need is a body transplant. I want my brain put inside a healthy body so that I can go about living my life in a “normal” fashion, whatever that is.

I actually think it’s plausible and here’s the genius part! All I need to do is get some dimwitted Hollywood star to realize this is an excellent PR move for them. Think about it…people give money, houses, etc, etc to people down on their luck to appear charitable and more acceptable to the public all the time. But THIS is the ultimate charitable donation! The is EXTREME MAKEOVER OVERLOAD!!

Also, once my brain is transplanted into their body they won’t be a dimwit anymore. Heck, they can even keep all their money and lavish stuff all too themselves. Let’s face it, they’re gonna need it for all their medical and pharmacy costs.

I mentioned this to my husband this morning and after his usual response to things I say (laughter) I thought of a benefit for him too: he can pick a celebrity from his ‘celebrity clause’ list. I get the feeling that he thouggt this was some sort of trap to see who he fantasizing about though because he rolled his eyes and left the room.

Since he’s being unhelpful about this, I’m going to go ahead and start trying compiling a list of who’s body I want.

Got any suggestions?
(Please keep in mind I have no desire to be one of those skinny bony bitches.)

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