No Shit

My great grandfather died from a brain bleed from pushing too hard during a bowel movement. That’s a true story, ya’ll.

Now because I am constipated and I have a brain that loves the dabble in the morbid, Im actually afraid Im about to suffer the same fate.

Ive got a real problem here and I swear Ive tried everything. Drinking warm water, apricots, prunes, smoking, coffee, Juicy Juice, stool softeners, Miralax, Metamucil, milk of magnesia, ducolax, McDonald’s…

This is awful.


This could be a form of torture.

And yes, I did type this from the toilet.

Finally! an accurate pain chart!!

From Hyperbole and a Half:



0:  Hi.  I am not experiencing any pain at all.  I don’t know why I’m even here.

1:  I am completely unsure whether I am experiencing pain or itching or maybe I just have a bad taste in my mouth.

2:  I probably just need a Band Aid.

3:  This is distressing.  I don’t want this to be happening to me at all.

4:  My pain is not fucking around.

5:  Why is this happening to me??

6:  Ow.  Okay, my pain is super legit now.

7:  I see Jesus coming for me and I’m scared.

8:  I am experiencing a disturbing amount of pain.  I might actually be dying.  Please help.

9:  I am almost definitely dying.

10:  I am actively being mauled by a bear.

11: Blood is going to explode out of my face at any moment.

Too Serious For Numbers:  You probably have ebola.  It appears that you may also be suffering from Stigmata and/or pinkeye.


How does one find their worth/identity after suffering a disability that doesn’t allow them to work anymore?

Ive been going over this again and again in my head and I just cannot separate acts from worth.

What I do = Who I am

A lot of times because of the medications, I find that there is not a lot I want to do or even can do. In honesty, its the depression too. This makes me feel worthless. Pointless. Hopeless.

However, when I stop to look around at other people with disabilities I do not think or feel those things about them.

I just cannot get a handle on it for myself.

The Problem With How We Treat Bipolar Disorder –

I dont think I’ve ever seen bipolar detailed in such spot on, excruciating detail.

The only issue I can take with it is the author’s experience of psychosis. Correction: Its not her experience, its that many readers will assume, incorrectly, that all those with bipolar also experience psychosis. This is absolutely of no fault of the author or her experience. Its ignorance and stigmas connected to mental health disorders.

But THIS is a clear start to real discussions and understanding. I applaud this author’s brutal honesty.

The Problem With How We Treat Bipolar Disorder –

disability vs handicap…


An impairment is a loss of function or limited function (i.e. visual impairment, learning impairment).

A disability is an inability to perform one or more major life activities due to an impairment. These major life activities are self-care, full range of movement, use of senses, communication,…

Today I am thankful for this post.
Very thankful.

it’s always darkest before the dawn: Impairment vs disability vs handicap…