Thoughts on parenting

I generally am of the belief that parenting is not a spectator sport. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

Sure, I’ll offer what has worked for me in a similar situation but I take no offense as to whether you take it or leave it.

This is completely different from judgment. We really have no right to judge other parents.

Moms, worry about your own kids!

Breastfeeding, schooling, discipline, bedtime, viewing material, working vs. stay at home, organic foods, hair color, makeup, music, vegan, clothes,religion, etc, etc…just mind your own damn business and accept that just because someone chooses to take a different path than you, doesn’t make it wrong. Stop being bullies!

If you’re wondering where kids are getting this stuff from, HELLO?!?it’s parents who are voicing their degrading judgments about other people in their lives. Shut up!

The only exception to this rule about not interfering is abuse.

No, not putting socks on a baby when its snowing outside is not abuse.

Allowing a child to go to school without their coat and not swooping in to drop it off and bundle them all snug as bug…is not abuse AND guess what? The kid might actually learn to problem solve on their own instead being an entitled shit!

I’m not talking about spanking. I’m talking about ABUSE.

If you are abusing your child, physically, verbally or emotionally, in my presence, not only will I judge you, I will confront you. Because if you think its ok to abuse your child, toddler to grown adult, in the presence of others, I GUARANTEE that you are doing far worse behind closed doors. I will not mince words and there will be no passive aggressive bullshit. You will know, that I know exactly what you are doing and that it is NOT ok.

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