After almost 8 months of eye pain, vision loss and test after test that led us nowhere, I got an answer today and Im still not sure if it really is one or a definite answer. I still don’t know if can move forward with it or get proactive about it. I guess it’s an answer. A diagnosis, but the PROGNOSIS is questionable. I thought I would have more relief, but I just feel … numb.

I feel confused now thinking back on it. I have questions. Why didn’t I ask them?

The answer was central vision loss. That wold explain why my eye is missing details, i.e. can’t read small print, can’t focus, miss details in faces.

But what caused it? Is that why bloodwork is needed? Will the bloodwork only support the diagnosis or provide a prognosis as well? And what exactly should I be doing in the meantime? Is there anything that I can do? Should I be learning fucking braille? Why wasn’t it found by Batesy? (different neuro-opthamologist) Different equipment? Different test? Does it mean its gotten worse?

Im just fucking confused.

I need to make some phone calls.

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