Everything I ever need to know, I learned from Star Wars and Jedi Gino

This was my Jedi’s eulogy for his best friend, Jedi Gino, at his funeral this morning

You will, throughout your life, be thrust into impossible situations by fate. When you find yourself in such a situation, you should always say “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

 If an old man, rumored to be crazy, wearing a bath robe, claiming to know your parents, asks you to come fly away with him in his spaceship – say no. Old men are prone to stretch the truth.

That man that has your life planned out for you (and his plans are the total opposite of yours)? He’s your father. Deal with it. In the end, you’ll learn to respect him. And you might become him. So watch out.

 You shouldn’t always listen to your parents. Sometimes it is smart to listen to little green men in your head.

 Don’t be thinking about your sister during a big fight with Dad.

Teddy bears are your friend.

The tall, handsome stranger always wins the girl. Even if they have to re-write the plot and make her your sister to make it happen. If you are a short blonde guy, you will always and forever, for the rest of your life, have trouble getting the ladies to notice you. Even after you save them from disaster.

( Besides Luke Skywalker, guess who else is short and blonde? )

Good guys don’t always wear white and bad guys don’t always wear black. Just to keep life confusing

Never tell a teacher who’s been teaching for 800 years who to teach and who not to teach

There isn’t always time to discuss things in a committee.

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.

Don’t give into your anger. Anger, fear and aggression lead to the dark side

If you do not believe, you will always fail

When judging people, size matters not.

No matter how big and cool a guy’s helmet looks, push him off a high place and he’ll scream like a girl.

There is no such thing as luck

You must follow your own path , no one can choose it for you

Keep your promises even if they take you far, far away

Wars do not make one great

Pass on what you have learned

Faith in your friends is a strength, not a weakness. A party of two can be very effective in chasing down the bad guys.

If you’re struck down now, you’ll can only become more powerful than can possibly be imagined!

No matter how deeply one falls into darkness, there is always hope for redemption Just when you think there is no more hope, there is more. Your sins can be forgiven and you can be redeemed.

Good always wins in the end. You can count on that.

Belief and faith are far more powerful than any technology man can devise.

Don’t underestimate the Force

In your pursuit of peace and justice, remember, the Force will be with you – ALWAYS!


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