The offspring of riches: Pride, vanity, ostentation, arrogance, tyranny

I’ve become rather taken back with the world within which we live lately…mostly the people in it.

It is very rare that you find anybody who takes a moment to think outside of themselves, much less take accountability for their actions. Oh no, most everyone is certainly willing to take credit when it will serve their purposes, and everybody seems to have this sense of entitlement, the likes of which I’ve never seen, but when it comes to taking accountability it is everybody else…anybody else’s fault but their own.

Without focusing on the specific person or situation that has led me to my current funk…so that I don’t become totally consumed with anger….and because examples of what I am speaking about are so abundantly available in today’s society and I’m pretty sure anyone can grasp the gist of what I’m speaking about in their own lives, maybe by even taking a look in the mirror…I’m just going to move on to where I need to be.

This kind of thing always reminds me of the story in the Bible when the disciples are going to meet Jesus and they start to argue about who amongst them is the greatest.

Can’t you just picture it?

When they finally get to Jesus and he asks them what has happened – they are too embarrassed to tell him. I guess I would be too.

Jesus says to them, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.”

For whatever reason, this story, this verse, has stayed with me since I was a child. It is my eternal compass. I need it now more than ever.

I could do what others have done. I could be selfish. I could have it easy and I might also be as empty. I could look around and ask “Why me?”…”When will the score get evened?”…”Haven’t I sacrificed enough?”…”Shouldn’t I have this/that?”…”Don’t I deserve this/that?”…”I deserve more”…”I deserve better”

But, I think back on this story and I think this was the Son of God, a man of power for all intent and purposes. There was a point when he really could have had everyone bowing down at his feet and eating out of his hands, bringing sacrifices of whatever he wanted, gold, women, bribes…he was a rock star for that era, but, he had no throne. He practiced what he preached, he was a servant of man, a prophet of hope, who died on a cross, with a crown of thorns on his head.

From that prospective, I have everything I need, much to be grateful for and much more to give. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it hundred times more. You might think this is crazy, but I would rather be unemployed, bankrupt and foreclosed on with nothing but my family by my side, knowing that I helping my kids become better people, helping my parents as they get older, helping people in our community, with the schools, at our church, than to be like the self-serving, unconscious people I see roaming around everywhere.

Id rather be full of spirit of helping others, than full of myself.

I just needed to remind myself.

Compass reset and off I go.

6 thoughts on “The offspring of riches: Pride, vanity, ostentation, arrogance, tyranny

  1. Good Afternoon, StepahanieThis is a Biblical lesson seldom taught or practiced. It takes a daily reminder for us to realize that we are here to serve–not get! (poor grammar)Jesus make it crystal clear that the Apostles were servants and that pride had no place in their lives.Very good post today. I hope many read it.frank

  2. I have no emotions.  I’m going to go see if I’m flooded.  My grandma came through.  I never trust anyone.  She was going to give me the car keys.  I don’t think higher anymore.  Nobody in my family trusts me because they manipulate and use me like everyone else.  I know I have a problem.  If one doesn’t love you, none other will or if they have a method for you.  I think peoples’ realizations are funny.  So I’m going to go hog the ER to get a MRI that they probably won’t give me.  I just really don’t want to panic in front of my grandparents.  They love me, but they want to control me. I’m a giant baby.  At least they don’t destroy me like other people.  I never went to the ER growing up.  I was perfect.  I heal fast even though I was sick a lot.  This is almost as funny as the time I thought I had parasites.  If it were any other part of my body, I would be foolishly fine.I don’t care about anyone anymore.  Partly because I don’t feel the connection and partly because this detachment opened my eyes.  Nobody cares about anyone.  It’s a lie.  It has to do with selfish reasons deeply embedded within the ego. I was only good because I was inferior. If you were maxed out, you would serve yourself and your species equally.  Now brain washing and altruism are great, use fancy words, and we all love one another.  In the end, you will always serve yourself first if you believe yourself is yourself.  Sometimes people blur their survival.

  3. you don’t want to be poor.  You want to have everything that everybody else has if you want to be stable.  Lower income is fine with lower income people.I realized that I would not survive with the amount of sacrifice.  It wasn’t a life sacrifice.  That’s easy.  It’s a living sacrifice.I’m at everyone’s whim all of time.  Now that I don’t have emotions, I find it funny, odd as that is.  Do they really expect me to do that?I think a lot of people in our generation are out-of-touch.  My brain automatically lines my thought process up with odd things, mostly abstract and away.  I am the enemy.  It is impossible for me to have redeeming qualities.  I can’t be good.  It’s not like environment; it’s that I’ll be twisted.  And it really doesn’t matter because success is successful and failure will perish.  I just mock.  Now, you’re going to become bitter with these realizations that aren’t accepted, and you’ll stab yourself with lower realizations.  For years, I was trapped with the rage, and now I can peacefully isolate if nothing else goes wrong. 

  4. @Colorsofthenight – It is impossible for you to have redeeming qualities? Are you to special to be understood…loved…happy?  I wish you luck with that. Although…you won’t care.Your reality may be blurred, but mine is not. I know who I am. You are free to have your own perceptions and realities and judgments based on your own experiences, but, nothing a stranger has every said to me has left me bitter – you’ve caused no epiphany here.

  5. @superduper_chic – It’s because it’s impossible for you to be as evil as they claim that people can be.  You won’t be able to do it.  While people are annoying, they are mostly playful, even if they kill you.Naive? No, just in the wrong dimension.  I might be able to get you bitter if I steal a dream I planted.  They said that you shouldn’t want anything you can’t have or there’s something wrong.I come from the dark side of the moon.  I was pushed here by the evil cute people, which I can’t stand.  I’m not even in the human game, but they make me play for them.

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