The Resillence of Children

My son and I are both under the weather at the moment. I’m guessing its the turn of the season…maybe allergies. However, he was determined to attend his Truth & Training class at my parents church last night. It’s like a Bible study progran for kids. They were also having a special music presentation at the church so there was a rather large group gathered in the main sanctuary from what I was told.

Anyways, the pastor asked if one of the kids would pray for the kids who were in the main service and Jedi who has pretty much lost his voice at this point, volunteers. So he got up in front of a group of about 250 people and prayed, just like that. This is no small feat for a nine year old. I’d say it’s pretty special and I’m very proud.

After service he came across an elderly black woman who was changing out of her heels and into a pair of flip flops to be more comfortable except that when she had gone to place them on the floor, one had turned upside down and out of place. Jedi stopped in front of her, reached out to grab the flip flop, place them on her feet and then handed the woman her heels and went on about his business. The woman looked at my son, pointed at him and said, “I heard you pray. The Lord has plans for you, young man.”

After everything my kids have been through for them to believe in anything is amazing. They just have such big hearts. They are truly inspiring to me.

One thought on “The Resillence of Children

  1. Good Morning, this reminded me of all the great things Jesus said about kids. His followers try to make them leave Jesus alone, but He let them jump on his lap and He blessed them. He chewed out his followers for treating the kids badly.What a wonderful thing that JJ did.  It was very brave. Thanks for sharing.blessingsfrank

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