Another birthday+Layoff=OK?

Yesterday was my birthday AND I got laid off.  Good one, universe!

It happened right after lunch….1:05 to be precise. Got to hear the schpeel : “This decision makes me sick…haven’t slept in days…the work just isn’t here….it may change….Obama admisistration…paid through end of month….unemployment…I’m so sorry.” (handshake from partner, hug from human resource manager, tears from co-workers) It almost felt sincere until the second I walked outside and saw said partners Bentley parked smack in front of the entrance. Nice move, douchelord.

I left work, drove across the street to a Pub where three of the other girls at my office that had just gotten the axe were. We got a table on the patio out in the sunshine, got some drinks and that was where my ass was parked until the end of the work day or until whenever it was that my husband showed up and picked me up to take me to my birthday dinner with my parents and kids. My Dad, just fresh out of the hospital for about two hours – God Bless himm, insisted that he would go get my Jeep and drive it back to the house. This will be the only moment in the course of my life that my parents actually had the chance to reprimand me for drinking as much as I did, but they didnt. Note it. We came back to the house, had cake, parents left. Wine. Applied for Unemployment. Wine. Deadliest Catch. Wine. Bedtime.

Slept in this morning, which was pretty freakin awesome. Kids are stoked that I’m home. I mean, STOKED. Jedi keeps telling me all the reasons why this is a good thing, “It’s summer, we’ll have more time together, we can go to the library, we can go swimming, yada, yada, yada.” (He actually did say yada, yada, yada) Diva must have asked me a 100x why I wasn’t going to work today and doesn’t quite understand the concept of being laid off,  but she does think the idea of unemployment compensation is “really smart.” I concur.

I think I may have just squeaked out 20 weeks of work there. I shall soon see.

Met with the social worker today regarding Pickle. That’s another topic for a different day. Not today. I’ll need more wine.

Then my friend, Mel, from work who was also laid-off called and asked if the kids and I wanted to meet her and go swimming with her and some friends/family. Mel decided it was a malt beverage day. That’s what my afternoon consisted of…lounging in the pool with a malt beverage. Not bad for a paid day’s work (snort). Mel told me about how after I left the Pub that she had to go play volleyball (beer league) with a team that consists of all employees from the firm and how shocked they all were about what happened. There were 8 of us yesterday and 4 more today. Then she told me she cried the whole way home and she just felt….defeated.

I don’t know. I can admit it wasn’t the best thing that’s ever happened to me but it wasn’t the worst either.

Look, I’d take losing my job over losing a loved one any damn day of the week. That’s a fact. Are things going to be tough financially….ABSOLUTELY. Do I have any idea what’s gonna happen…..ABSOLUTELY NOT. But what I do know is that everytime I’ve lost a job, something else has come along that has had a purpose in my life. I really believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is just God’s way of pushing me in a different direction that I would’nt have taken without this happening. I HAVE NO IDEA. But, I did make some phone calls today and open my LSAC (Law School Admission Council) account and despite not really having the money to do it my husband insists that I am to register/pay for my LSAT this Friday when he gets paid and “Take the damn test”. My heart isn’t set on this law school thing. Maybe I am cautiously dreaming, but I’ve decided I’m gonna take the test and put out the applications. If I get accepted, I’m going and if I don’t, I won’t …but I’m not ever gonna know unless I try.

I’m rather tired of having the rug pulled out from under me, but looking back….some of the best things that have happened to me came out of something else falling apart. What’s that saying….Sometimes good things fall apart so BETTER things can come together?

I’m actually o.k. I’m not gonna let it get me down and I’m not gonna cry… today. I’m just gonna roll with it. See where this new road takes me.

So take that universe!

3 thoughts on “Another birthday+Layoff=OK?

  1. I find your attitude remarkable. Looking for a job is harder than having a job. Happy Birthday. Nice to see you had family there for you.Looking back on my life of 77n years, God did so some pushing and shoving through circumstances and it all came out good.Have nice day,frank

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