I had a dream last night that I was pregnant. Very pregnant.

(Save your sentiment. It’s not a good dream)

EX was killing me. In my dream he was continually kicking me or hitting me in the head with something and I was slowly losing consciousness.

He wrapped me up in something and was dragging me down stairs. I could vaguely feel my body hitting each step. It was as if, I was dying, but I wasn’t quite dead yet.

Sometimes when you’re pregnant you can see the baby’s hand or foot inside your womb and in this dream as I was bunched in…whatever it was I was rolled up in, I was slumped over my body, so that my face was just above my belly and it looked as if the baby was trying to reach out to my face with its hand. So, I my hand in the baby’s hand. The baby in my womb. And then I died.

Or woke up.