This is an ode to Hubster.

The guy who worked a twelve hour day, came home with a Frosty for my sore throat, tucked me into bed, then got the kids settled and got them tucked into bed.

AND THEN when I told him he was the most awesome husband ever, made a face at me like I was dumb for saying so, because its what he’s supposed to do.

Hooray for men who handle their business and don’t expect a blow job for their efforts. MUAH! I love ya!

2 thoughts on “Husbandry

  1. sounds like a man’s man to me. i’d shake his hand if i could and work to be a tenth of the husband that he is. you two are lucky to have each other S. I’ve read your two other posts and it pains me to imagine how tired you must be. you’ve got quite a lot on your plate and i understand that the SuperMom identity can weigh so heavily on you at times. that’s also why it’s so easy for me to commend you. dealing with children, in conjunction with D’s condition is no easy task. To be able to balance them all in one day is nothing short of moving mountains. i wish that there was some kind of magic pill that could replentish your energy right away because i’d send you a bottle. nevertheless, the fact that you can keep doing it without extra help really speaks volumes about how great of a mother you are. as always, you know that i’ll be saying a prayer for you. i hope that you’ve gotten at least a brief rest with things or in the very least, a little bit of time for yourself. many hugs to you S. keep strong over there..oh btw – i listened to the song you recommended. thank you! 

  2. @ThePrince – I am very tired. But I’ve finally gotten to a point in my life where I recognize it and do something about it and when I am too stubborn to do something about it, the husband usually makes me. A lot of us mothers have problems taking care of ourselves. We have this warped perception that its selfish, when in fact, when we hold so much together, it’s stupid not to take care of your own needs first. Thanks for the encouragement. Every little bit helps. : )

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