I often find myself laughing behind the wheel of my car just at the sheer audacity and distractibility of people when they drive. But lately, it’s not humorous anymore – it’s annoying and frankly – downright scary at times.

For instance the other day. I came to a light on a four lane street. There is a left hand turning lane and two straight lanes for my direction of travel. I am in left lane, next to the left turning lane. The light turns green and the driver in front of me hesitates to proceed. I can’t figure out what they are doing, so I give them a second and then I tap the horn in case they havent seen the light. The driver then proceeds into the middle of the intersection, stops and turns on their left blinker. Mind you, there was a turning lane for this but because this driver has missed their turn and is apparently a VERY SPECIAL DRIVER they got to block all of the drivers in the left lane on this busy four lane highway in order to make their turn, instead of say, going down a block and turning around.

Things like this severely annoy me.

Also, to anyone who reads this entry: GET OFF YOUR DAMN PHONE AND DRIVE.

I was driving my kids to school this morning when the driver in the lane headed the opposite direction crossed the center line into my lane and I had to swerve to miss him. Luckily, there was nobody next to me, but this guy was texting on his phone and speeding in a school zone in bad weather. Hello? Anybody there?

I assure you that no conversation you are having on your phone whether by talking or texting, is so important that it can’t wait until you get out of your car and I can PROMISE you that its not worth damaging or taking someone’s life. There is absolutely NO REASON that any of us need to be on the phone while we’re driving. ITS IGNORANT.  Don’t wait until someone crosses a line and  kills someone you love (or you do it) to decide I was right about this.

I recently saw a show where a mother talked about her daughter being killed by someone on their cellphone while she was riding her bike. The lady never saw her, hit her with her 8,000lb SUV. As a mother, I couldn’t believe I had ever been so ignorant as to think anything I was talking about was more important than the lives/souls I passed OR my own precious cargo.

Most of us are smart enough to not drink and drive and being on your phone, even on a headset, can be just as distracting because its not about your eyes and hands, its about where your brain is.

GET OFF YOUR DAMN PHONE, whatever it is can wait and if not…… PULL OVER.

2 thoughts on “WARNING: Bad Drivers EVERYWHERE!

  1. I know you are right, but it seems the government has just accepted phone use in cars. My state has outlawed text messaging. My state also requires the phone to be hands free. I know that talking on the phone is a distraction. It is very sad how many people are being injured due to careless driving. I hope we all come around to your point of view and save some lives and injuries.I am a former insurance claims handler. I saw many injured people due to accidents. Some injuries were so bad that they victims never really recovered.blessingsfrank

  2. @ANVRSADDAY – You are so right. As a paralegal for a personal injury – I know exactly how encompassing and devastating and injury from a car accident can be. It doesn’t just affect you physically….it trickles into your work, your economics, your relationships…etc. It makes it hard for people to recover.

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