Happy New Year! Happy New Decade?

As I anxiously await the turn of a new year (this one has been rough) I started to think about my year in review…. and it occured to me that we will also be turning over a whole new decade. That got me thinking about all the things that I have experienced in this past decade. Wowzer!

So, for a little bit of amusement and some reflection before moving forward….let’s review.


2000 – Moved out of my parent’s place, Bought my first car, Became a full time step-Mom, Became a stay-at-home Mom, Got pregnant, Got married, Moved out of hickville

2001 – Gave birth to my son, gallbladder surgery, separated from husband for 3 months, Moved, September 11th, Baby’s 1st Christmas

2002 – Moved, Conceived my daughter on my 23rd birthday, Moved

2003 – Gave birth to my baby girl, bought my first home – finally, Moved out of ghetto

2004 – Pickle had first seizure, Breast reduction (DD –> C),

2005 – Admitted to hospital for a week for a high fever, 5 year anniversary/vacation alone, Adopted my Pickle

2006 – Mom’s A-Fib, Went back to college, Marriage Counseling, The 27th Birthday, Husband doesn’t come home, Back to the workforce, Filed for divorce, Husband arrested for domestic violence, Separation,  best friend’s son killed, took a chance – accepted date w. Jer.

2007 – Divorce final, Dad’s Parkinson’s diagnosis, Jer proposes on 1 yr anniversary of day we met

2008 – Relearning happy, Wedding Planning, The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, Married, First trip to California for honeymoon – Lake Tahoe, Pickle admitted to Rainbow Babies for week.


January – Inaguration of our first African-American President, Barack Obama.

February – Jedi turns 8, Surgery to remove endometriosis and  tumor from left ovary -benign, Jer and I moved into OUR new home

March – Pickle turns 13 – I am now the mother of a teenage boy.

April – Diva turns 6/Jer turns 31 (same birthday), Jedi learns to ride his bike – no training wheels!

May – Surgery to remove left ovary after another tumor is found -benign!

June – Almost losing my father on Father’s Day.

July – Dad back to hospital after 4th of July, Dad’s 55th Birthday, First visit to Chicago for college graduation – Bachelors in Legal Studies. Turn 30.

August – Pickle started Middle School, left law firm where I had been for two years, met a wonderful legal mentor, celebrated my 1 year anniversary

September – Hired in by legal mentor, Trip to Kentucky for Labor Day weekend

October – Chest lumpectomy – BENIGN!, Court w. ex, Mom’s cancer scare

November – Took my daughter to her first concert – Miley Cyrus, Mom’s surrgery, Dad back to ICU, Court w. EX, 1st Thanksgiving in our new home

December – Dad back to hospital, Fibromyalgia diagnosis, 1st Christmas in our new home.

Do you realize that I got married, became the mother of three children, got divorced and remarried in the past 10 years? Wow!

I’ve learned sooooo, so much from all of this. I don’t even know where to begin. So much has been captured here, forever. Crazy, thankful for that.

The most important things I’ve learned all deal with God’s greatest gift: love.

I’ve learned that is that you have to love yourself before anyone else can. Children truly are the best teachers of your capacity to love and that love, true love truly is patient, it is kind, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. I get that to my core.

With all this behind, whats coming has got to be a more smooth ride. I predict that my 30s are going to be the best years of my life. Here’s hoping anyway. And if not, the lessons I’ve learned now will only strengthen me for what’s to come.

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Happy New Decade?

  1. Steph you have been through SO much.. I’m happy to be able to be in your corner praying for you and in a way, along for the ride. May 2010 be a blessing to you and your family!!

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